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close this bookProtein-Energy Requirements of Developing Countries: Evaluation of New Data (UNU, 1981, 268 p.)
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close this folderUse of corn-bean mixtures to satisfy protein and energy requirements of preschool children
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Experimental details

1. Subjects
Healthy pre-school children, fully recovered from previous oedematous protein energy malnutrition. Chronological age: 2 to 3 years old; height-age: 1 to 3 years old.

2. Study Environment
Clinical Centre at INCAP.

3. Physical Activity
The children were free to play in the Clinical Centre and surrounding grounds when not undergoing urine and faecal collections. However, they were not encouraged to be active.

4. Duration of the Study and Diets Used
The duration and diet of each study are presented below in "Summary of the Main Results."

5. Indicators and Measurements

a. Anthropometry: body weight, height, and skin-fold thickness.
b. Serum proteins and albumin; creatinine-height index.
c. Nitrogen absorption and retention, as described in other INCAP studies.