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close this bookProtein-Energy Requirements of Developing Countries: Evaluation of New Data (UNU, 1981, 268 p.)
close this folderObligatory and integumental nitrogen losses - children
close this folderIntegumental nitrogen losses of pre-school children with different levels and sources of dietary protein intake
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1. The nitrogen losses by different routes have been determined in four pre-school children ingesting different nitrogen levels, at constant energy intake. Faecal, urinary, and integumental nitrogen changed proportionally to nitrogen intake. Obligatory faecal and urinary nitrogen agreed with accepted values. Integumental obligatory nitrogen is 4.7 0.6 mg N/kg/day and increases up to 2.5 times at an egg protein intake of 2 g/kg/day.

2. Protein source influences integumental losses as well as faecal nitrogen losses.


We are grateful to the staff of the Clinical Centre at INCAP, to Mr. R.D. Mendoza, and to Mrs. J. de Melgar. This study was partially supported by a grant from the World Health Organization.