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close this folderThe evaluation of soy protein isolate alone and in combination with fish in adult Japanese men
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1. The mean intakes of fish protein, alone (87 mg N/kg/day) or mixed 50 per cent with Supro (91 mg N/kg/day), that were required to attain apparent nitrogen balance were similar to those previously reported by us for egg protein (90 mg N/kg/day) (Inoue et al., J. Nutr., 103: 1673 [1973] . However, the coefficient of variation for the mixture (22.9 per cent) was larger than that for fish (16.5 per cent) or egg (15.6 per cent).

2. The protein quality of Supro 620 was increased by mixing it with fish, probably because of complementation of sulphur-containing amino acids that resulted in a higher amino acid score (table 8). in Codfish and Soybean Foods, FAO, 1970)