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The University of Western Australia

Department of Computer Science

Technical Report 92/3

Properties of Local Energy and

Separability of Features?

Svetha Venkateshy, James Cooperz


Brian Whitey

Abstract: We examine the construction of new filters for computing local energy, and compare these filters with the Gabor filters and the three-point-filter of Venkatesh [VO89]. Further, we examine the resolvability of features using the local energy model, and show how local energy can be computed in specific passbands. Lastly, by examining the spectral power of two step edges, we investigate the bandwidth of the filter that is required to resolve these features.

Keywords: feature detection, local energy, causal filters, pre-envelope, texture, motion, disparity, Gabor filters, scale space analysis

CR categories: I.5

Communicated by: Paul Hadingham

Also available as: Curtin Uni. of Technology, Dept. Comp. Sci., tech. Rep. 10/91; CITRI tech. Rep. 92/24.

?This research was supported by the Department of Industry Technology and Commerce under the Artificial Intelligence Research Support Program.
yDepartment of Computer Science, Curtin University of Technology, GPO BOX U1987, Perth WA 6001. zVision Group, CITRI, 723 Swanston street, Carlton Victoria 3053, email [email protected]