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Wednesday, June 17, 1992


NAME nfsrtm?report NFS server response time statistics

nfsrtm [-i interval] [-t threshold] [-n network device name]

This program requires the Networking software option on Sun SPARC workstations.

nfsrtm is a command line program which analyzes NFS response time statistics for servers being accessed via the local network. The command helps network and system administrators determine whether servers on the network are achieving reasonable response time goals.

When the -i flag is specified with interval, nfsrtm will perform an NFS response time analysis for interval minutes. If the -i flag is not specified the default interval is 1 minute. The -t flag and threshold inform nfsrtm to measure what percentage of NFS responses exceed the threshold millisecond (ms) response time goal. The default threshold is 20 milliseconds. The -n flag tells nfsrtm which network interface to read from and defaults to either ie0 or le0, depending on the system type.

Each line of the program?s report contains the following information: name of a server being accessed via the local network, the percentage of NFS operations to the server which exceeded the threshold (response time goal), the average response time in milliseconds, the maximum response time in milliseconds, and the average number of NFS operations/second for the interval. The output of the program is fixed and is sent to the standard output.

nfsrtm must be run as root (superuser) on a relatively inactive client workstation. The program should not be run on file servers or busy client workstations since results can be invalidated. nfsrtm only see servers which are being accessed via the local network and will not see requests from or replies to the local system.

OPTIONSFor more detailed network and server analysis, contact AIM Technology about SharpShooter (Client/Server Performance Monitor) at (408) 748-8649,
[email protected], or uunet!aimt!sharp-info.

nit(4P), nfsstat(8C), SharpShooter

NFS is a registered trademark of Sun Microsystem, Inc.