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Subject: FAQ


Date: Sat Aug 17 23:27:01 EDT 1996

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Summary: Frequently Asked Questions.

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Perl/Tk FAQ

The Perl/Tk extension to the Perl programming language is copywritten by its author Nick

Ing-Simmons <[email protected]> whose Tk-b11.02/COPYING file reads as follows:

Copyright (c) 1995 Nick Ing-Simmons. All rights reserved. This package is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself, with the exception of the files in the pTk sub-directory which have separate terms derived from those of the orignal Tk4.0 sources and/or Tix.

See pTk/license.terms for details of this Tk license, and pTk/Tix.license for the Tix license.

This compilation of Frequently Asked Questions & answers (FAQ) is intended to answer several

of the first (and mostly more basic) questions posted to the newsgroup and the

ptk mailing list.

This document concerns itself with the Perl/Tk programming language (or, if you prefer, the Tk

extension to Perl). Please beware that this is not the Perl FAQ, this is not the Tcl FAQ, nor is this

the Tcl/Tk FAQ. Each of those other documents are useful sources of information for Perl/Tk

programmers but are completely different from this one.

This is a dynamic document and contributions, clarifications, and corrections are most welcome!

Please send e-mail to <[email protected]>. With your help this document will get better Page: 1