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Using A Practical Peripherals 14400FXSA

Modem With A Sun? SPARCstation?.

Syed Zaeem Hosain

Z Consulting Group

P. O. Box 610097

San Jose, CA 95161-0097

email: [email protected]

1. Introduction

This document describes procedures for installing and using a Practical Peripherals 14400FXSA fax/modem on a Sun Microsystems? SPARCstation for dial-in and dial-out access and a UUCP connection to another Sun workstation (or other UNIX? system that uses a compatible UUCP package).

These procedures use standard operating system software and commands available on Sun workstations. There is no coverage of the fax capability of the modem, as faxing requires extra software that is not standard in SunOS?, and complete coverage of applications is beyond the scope of this document.

1.1. Operating System Version

Although the procedures are explained using a particular model?the Sun SPARCstation IPX??they can be used with any Sun Workstation?. This document also assumes that the workstations are running SunOS 4.1.1 through 4.1.3 (also known as Solaris? 1.x). Users running Solaris 2.0 and higher (also known as SunOS 5.x) will need to modify these instructions. The instructions for Solaris 2.x are effectively covered in the menu-driven system administration program, and will not be repeated here.

1.2. Verbatim Text

In this document, all system prompts and responses to user entries will be displayed in a regular Courier font, and all verbatim text to be entered by the user will be displayed in a bold Courier font. Since the ASCII version of this document cannot display fonts, the verbatim text will be offset from the left margin, and a system prompt ?zodiac{root}> ? will also be shown. When displaying such interactions, certain text may be displayed in italic Times font and also enclosed in parentheses?these provide instructions and information that is unique to the users environment, and is not to be entered verbatim.

If the final character on any verbatim text line is the backslash character ??, this means that the text has been continued onto the next line as it was too long to fit within the page boundaries of this document? however, it should still be entered as one long, continuous line at the system prompt.

1.3. UNIX Commands

In UNIX, if the system fails to find the command, it is likely that the directory containing the executable for the command is not in your executables search path. Check the full path (directory location) of any UNIX command by examining the on-line manual pages for further information and add the appropriate directory to your path before proceeding further.