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SEAMAN: Implementing Process-Centered Software

Development Environments on Top of an Active

Database Management System

Dimitrios Tombros, Andreas Geppert, Klaus R. Dittrich


Technical Report 95.03

Institut f?r Informatik, Universit?t Z?rich
Winterthurerstr. 190, 8057 Z?rich

Abstract. The goal of the SEAMAN1 project is to provide a framework for the efficient construction of customized process-centered software development environments (PCDEs). SEAMAN consists of a meta-level where the architecture of both the development environments and their process models can be described in a uniform way, and an operational level in which instantiated PCDEs operate. The formalisms we use in the meta-level are simple yet powerful and can be easily mapped onto mechanisms provided by an active object-oriented database management system (aDBMS) serving as the underlying implementation platform. In this paper we present the architecture of SEAMAN and the concepts used for the definition of software development environments and their process models. Finally we describe how an aDBMS can be effectively used to implement this framework.

1. Software Engineering with Active MechANisms