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Bibliography of Connectionist Models with Symbolic Processing This bibliography was compiled by Ron Sun from contributions solicited from the research community. Especially valuable were the lists of references from Todd Lubert, Jim Garson, and Detlef Nauck. The selection of papers were based mainly on the following criterion: a paper x is included in this bibliography, if and only if x appears in a major conference, or x appears in a journal, or x appears in a well-edited book, or x is a monograph from a well-established publisher, or x is important and influential, and x is written in English. A deliberate effort was made to eliminate redundant or repetitive papers (but the results may still not be fully satisfactory).

The bibliography is annotated with the following categories:

C | collections of papers.

G | general discussions and surveys.

For technical papers,

A | analogical or case-based reasoning in neural networks.

E | expert systems and neural networks.

F | fuzzy logic and neural networks: hybrids and implementations.

J | juxtaposition and linking of symbolic systems with neural networks.

L | learning of symbolic structures.

N | natural language, text, or speech processing.

R | reasoning (rule-based and the like) and variable binding.

S | schemas, scripts, semantic networks, or other conceptual structures.


O | topics other than the above.

Ajjanagadde, V. and Shastri, L. (1989). Efficient inference with multi-place predicates and variables in a connectionist system. In Proceedings of the Eleventh Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society, pp. 396-403. Hillsdale, NJ: Erlbaum. [R]