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Developing Parallel Real-Time Applications in

the Hamlet Application Design Language1


Erasmus Univ., Dept. of Comp. Sc. (Woudenstein), POB 1738, 3000 DR Rotterdam

Armand TEN DAM, Teus VOGEL

TNO Inst. of Appl. Physics, POB 155, 2600 AD, Delft

1The work presented here is done within the framework of the ESPRIT program and partly funded by the Commission of the European Communities. Participants in the Hamlet project are: AEG(D), CAP Gemini(F), CASA(E), DLR(D), HITEC(GR), INESC(P), INMOS(UK), Parsytec(D), Gabriel(GR), TNO(NL), TUM(D).