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CERC Technical Report Series

Technical Memoranda


Concurrent Engineering Transactions*

K.J. Cleetus

R. Reddy

June 1992

*Presented at CE & Cals '92 Washington Conf. and Exposition, Washington, DC,

June 1-4, 1992.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: This effort has been sponsored by Defense Advance

Research Projects Agency (DARPA), under contract No. MDA972-91-J-1022 for

DARPA Initiative in Concurrent Engineering(DICE).

Concurrent Engineering Research Center

West Virginia University

Drawer 2000, Morgantown WV 26506

Concurrent Engineering Transactions

K.J. Cleetus and R. Reddy
Concurrent Engineering Research Center (CERC)
West Virginia University
955 Hartman Run Road
Morgantown, WV 26506
Tel (304) 293-7226
Fax (304) 293-7541
Email [email protected]


In the adoption of Concurrent Engineering (CE) by industry, we recognize the following connected set of approaches suggested by D. Hall:

Low Road: Inter-disciplinary human teams.
Middle Road: Quality Management Techniques such as Taguchi methods, Quality Function Deployment, and Statistical Process and Quality Control.
High Road: Cooperative Product Development by Networked teams, Knowledge integration, Product and Process Simulation, etc.