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CERC Technical Report Series

Technical Memoranda

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: This effort was sponsored by the Defense Advanced Research Projects

Agency (DARPA), under Grant No. MDA972-91-J-1022 for the DARPA Initiative in Concurrent

Engineering (DICE).

Concurrent Engineering Research Center

West Virginia University

P. O. Box 6506, Morgantown WV 26506




V. Jagannathan, C. Gollapudy, R. Karinthi, K. Srinivas,

R. Reddy, S. Reddy, R. Shank

April 1994

Proceedings of the IEEE Third Workshop on Enabling Technologies: Infrastructure for Collabo-

rative Enterprises, April 17-19, 1994, Morgantown, WV, pp. 42-47. Los Alamitos, CA: IEEE

Computer Society Press, 1994.

Architectural Alternatives for Community Care Networks

V. Jagannathan1, C. Gollapudy, R. Karinthi1, K. Srinivas1, R. Reddy1, S. Reddy,1 R. Shank

Concurrent Engineering Research Center (CERC)

P.O. Box 6506, West Virginia University

Morgantown, WV

1. Also with Dept. of Statistics and Computer Science, WVU


Patient centered healthcare delivery is an inherently collaborative and information-intensive process. It involves a wide range of individuals and organizations with different roles. The key to cost reduction and quality improvement in healthcare is effective management of this collaborative process. In this paper, we investigate various alternatives and their ramifications in implementing a Community Care Network. We will leverage the existing technology and software developed earlier at our center as well as from the ongoing project on an Advanced Research Testbed for Medical Information System (ARTEMIS).