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Object Storage System and Programming Transparency

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Shinji Kono, Shigeru Watari, Mario Tokoro

e-mail:[email protected]

Sony Computer Science Laboratory Inc.

3-14-13, Higashigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141, Japan

1990 ) 12 * 23 +

,-./ Muse Object Storage System: Moss 12 Reflective Operating System ,3
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Abstract Muse Object Storage System: Moss is an object filing system for reflective operating system: Muse. The reflective architecture of Muse makes it possible to separate database relating processing and normal object oriented processing. This system makes possible a clear programming style for persistent object and dynamic configuration of database design. In classical object oriented language, direct descriptions are necessary for a constraint, active value or spatial relationship. In Moss, object relationships are abstracted as a meta calculation.

1 Requirements

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