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I= 2 $KIP %l%$%d$K$*$1$k>CHq;~ 4V$NHf3S$r<($9!#I=$K $*$$$F!"Aw?. ;~4V$H$OTCP/UDP %l%$%d$+$i $NAw?. MW5a$r <u$1$F$+$i %M%C%H%o!<%/%$%s%?!<%U%'%$%9%l%$%d$KAw?. MW 5a$r=P$9$^$G$N;~ 4V!" Cf7Q;~ 4V$H$O%M%C%H%o!<%/%$%s%?!< %U%'%$%9%l%$%d$+$i <u?. DLCN$r<u$1$F$+$i %M%C%H%o!<%/%$ %s%?!<%U%'%$%9%l%$%d$KAw?. MW5a$r =P$9$^$G$N;~ 4V!" <u?. ;~ 4V$H$O%M%C%H%o!<%/%$%s%?!<%U%'%$%9%l%$%d$+$i <u?. DL CN$r <u$1$F$+$i TCP/UDP %l%$%d$K<u?. DLCN$rAw$k$^$G $N;~ 4V$G$"$k!#I=$O%*%j%8%J%k$NNEWS-OS 4.0 $N>l9g$H VIP $r <BAu$7$?>l9g$K$D$$$FB,Dj$7$?7k2L$r<($7$F$$$k!# $3$N7k2L!" VIP $r <BAu$7$?>l9g!" IP $N$_<BAu$7$?>l 9g$K Hf$Y$FAw?. ;~ $K104 ?sec !" Cf7Q;~ $K82 ?sec !" <u?. ;~ $K 57 ?sec $N%*!<%P!<%X%C%I$, @8$8$k$3$H$, $o$+$C$?!#9-0h %M%C%H%o!<%/>e$N$9$Y$F$N%[%9%H$d%2!<%H%&%'%$$, SONY NEWS $HF1Ey$N=hM}G=NO$r ;} $D$H2>Dj$9$k$H!" %(%s%I!&%( %s%I4V$NE>Aw;~4V$N%*!<%P!<%X%C%I$O0J2<$N<0$GI=$5$l $k!# $3$3$GNhop $O%[%C%W?t $rI=$9!#

total overhead = 104 + 82 ?Nhop + 57
= 82 ?Nhop + 161 (?sec)

%=%K!<$K$*$1$k WIDE %$%s%?!<%M%C%H$N%2!<%H%&%'%$ $G$"$k $+$i !" 9qFb$*$h$SJF9q$N$$$D$+ $N%[%9%H$K$D$$$FE>Aw;~ 4V$H%[%C%W?t $rB,Dj$7!" >e<0$K$h $j %*!<%P!<%X%C%I$N8+@Q$j $r<($7$?$N$, I= 3 $G$"$k!#E>Aw ;~ 4V$H%[%C%W?t $OICMP ECHO %Q%1%C%H(ping %3%^%s%I $Htraceroute %3%^%s%I) $rMQ$$$F9T$J$C$?!#$3$N7k2L!"$b$7 $9$Y$F$N%2!<%H%&%'%$$, SONY NEWS $HF1Ey$N=hM}G=NO $r ;} $A!" $9$Y$F$N%2!<%H%&%'%$$, VIP $r<BAu$7$F$b!" %*!< %P!<%X%C%I$O1 % A08e$G:Q$`$3$H$, $o$+$k!#$3$l $O<BMQ>e L5;k $G$-$kCM$G$"$k!#

I= 3: E>Aw;~ 4V$N%*!<%P!<%X%C%I$N8+@Q$j
host name hop IP xmit estimated overhead 4 30 msec 0.49 msec (1.6 %) 4 45 msec 0.49 msec (1.1 %) 7 120 msec 0.74 msec (0.6 %) 12 150 msec 1.15 msec (0.8 %) 22 200 msec 1.97 msec (1.0 %)

6 $^$H$a

KO@J8$G$O!" %[%9%H0 F0F)2a@-$r<B8=$9$k%W%m%H%3%k$G $"$k VIP $K$D$$$F!" $=$N<BAuJ}K!$HIP $KBP$9$k%*!<%P!< %X%C%I$K$D$$$F=R$Y$?!#8=:_ VIP $OIP $N%*%W%7%g%s$H$7 $F NEWS-OS 4.0C $N%+!<%M%k$r2~B$$9$k$3$H$K$h$j <BAu $5$l $F$$$k!#2C$($?%9%F%C%W?t $O690 %9%F%C%W$G$"$k!#%F%9 %H4D6-$K$*$$$F<BAu$7$? VIP $NDj>o>uBV$K$*$1$k%*!<%P!< %X%C%I$r<BB,$7!" $=$N7k2L$r<B:] $N%$%s%?!<%M%C%H$XEv$F

$O$a$k$H!" 8=:_ $NIP $NE>Aw;~4V$KBP$7$F VIP $N%*!<%P!< %X%C%I$O1 % A08e$H8+@Q$b$k$3$H$, $G$-$k!#$3$l $O%M%C%H %o!<%/%"%W%j%1!<%7%g%s$r;H$&>e$GL5;k $G$- $kCM$G$"$k$H ;W$o$l $k!# :# 8e$OIP $N%*%W%7%g%s$H$7$F$G$O$J$/ !" %W%m %H%3%k3, AX$K$7$?$, $C$F IP $N>e0L%l%$%d$H$7$F VIP $r<B Au$7!" $5$i $Kmigd $N?. Mj@-$b8~>e$5$; $kM=Dj$G$"$k!#$^ $?!" Ev8&5f =j$G3+H/$r?J$a$F$$$k MuseOS [Yokote 91] $K $b VIP $N<BAu$, ?J$a$i $l $F$$$k!#


K8&5f$KBP$7$F5. =E$J=u8@$r$$$?$@$$$?%=%K!<%3%s%T%e!< %?%5%$%(%s%98&5f =j$N=j??M}M:I{ =jD9JB$S$K3F8&5f=j0w$K 46<UCW$7$^$9!#$^$?!" %?%$%^!<%!<%I$r :n @.$7$F$$$?$@$$ $?<jDM9(;K;a $r$O$8$a$H$9$k%=%K!< (3t ) %9!<%Q!<%^%$%/%m ;v 6HKIt $NJ} !9$K46<UCW$7$^$9!#

;2 9MJ88%

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