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Center for Information Technology Integration University of Michigan
519 West William Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48103-4943

CITI Technical Report 95?7

A Scalable, Deployable Directory Service

Framework for the Internet

Timothy A Howes
[email protected]

Mark C. Smith
[email protected]

This paper describes a directory service framework for the Internet that fits within the approach outlined in the IETF?s RFC 1588. This framework consists of a global directory service that enables virtually any local directory service to operate under it. We also include an optimized local directory service, thereby providing a complete solution for Internet directory service. Our approach uses proven Internet technology (e.g., the Domain Name System and Uniform Resource Locators) and successful or promising pieces of other services (e.g., X.500 and WHOIS++). Previous attempts to create a unified Internet directory service, such as X.500, LDAP, WHOIS++, and SOLO, have not been fully accepted because of difficulties in implementation and deployment. Therefore, we designed our approach with ease of implementation and deployment in mind. To that end, our approach attempts to co-opt the installed base making a switch to the new service as seamless as possible.

July 11, 1995

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