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Computer Science at the University of Helsinki 1993

1. Overview

The Department of Computer Science was founded in 1967 when the first full professorship in computer science was established at the University of Helsinki. It is within the Faculty of Science, along with the departments of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and others.

Our current teaching faculty (January, 1994) comprises 46 full time teachers. It can be categorized using American academic terminology: 3 full professors (Mannila, Tienari, Ukkonen), 5 associate professors (M?kel?, Sippu, three open positions), 14 assistant professors (5 research oriented "senior assistants" and 9 teaching oriented "lecturers"), 24 teaching assistants (12 research oriented "assistants" and 12 teaching oriented "instructors"). We also employ approximately 15 of our students in teaching on a part-time basis. Eight senior experts are also associated with the department, these being so-called "docents", who work mainly outside the university but occasionally give courses or supervise theses in the area of their speciality. Approximately 20 research positions are financed from outside sources. We also have a staff of 10 persons.

The department annually admits 200 students to major in computer science. The students are selected according to their standing in a national student examination. The number of completed M.Sc. degrees (5 year degree) was 35 in 1991, 27 in 1992, and 37 in 1993. The study time for a M.Sc. degree ranges from five to eight years. Many of our students work in industry, which slows down or stops the progress of their studies. Fairly frequently our students, after having acquired the basic skills in computer