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close this bookThe Effectiveness of Teacher Resource Centre Strategy - Education Research Paper No. 34 (DFID, 1999, 257 p.)
close this folderCHAPTER SEVEN : Teacher Resource Centres in Zambia
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View the document1.0 Methods Used In This Study
View the document2.0 The School System
View the document3.0 How AIEMS Works
View the document4.0 What Is The AIEMS Approach To INSET
View the document5.0 What happens in the School Based Workshops and Teachers Groups
View the document6.0 How Are Teacher Resource Centres Used?
View the document7.0 How Much Does All This Cost?
View the document8.0 So, What Conclusions Have We Come To About Resource Centres?
View the document9.0 How Sustainable Are Resource Centres and How Is The AIEMS Approach?
View the document10.0 Future uses for the Resource Centres