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close this bookAlternative Techniques - For Teaching about HIV/AIDS in the Classroom (Peace Corps, 1996, 205 p.)
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The job of an AIDS educator is tremendously important in helping students understand this disease and develop the skills with the social and emotional issues. It may even be a matter of life or death. You do not have to be a physician, scientist or researcher to teach about this critical health problem. All you need is a willingness to learn the basic facts and share them with your students. Although some of the information is complicated, there are basic messages which can be presented about how AIDS is spread and how it can be prevented. These messages when presented in a clear and understandable manner with which the audience can identity that identify with the audience are the keys to AIDS education. Fear and ignorance about this epidemic have lead to some irrational responses and misunderstandings. Helping students understand this fear of AIDS is another key aspect of an education program.

Sometimes good information about AIDS is difficult to find. This manual is not Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About AIDS Education but is a collection of inter-active games and activities created to supplement existing curricula on AIDS. [All of these games and activities have undergone pretesting] Its aim is to give students a sense of responsibility in the fight against AIDS while taking the fear out of AIDS education. When additional information is required, it is suggested that this manual be used in conjunction with the AIDS Resource Manual: A Guide For Teaching About Aids in Thailand (Peace Corps 1992) or any other appropriate resource.

Additional resources, speakers and assistance are available through your District and Provincial Health Offices and local non-governmental organizations. Many of these agencies can also provide training and updates for teachers, parents and the community.