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close this bookCo-operatives Today - Selected Essays from Various Fields of Co-operatives Activities - A Tribute to Prof. V. Laakkonen (ICA, 1986, 542 p.)
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View the documentPreface by Robert L. Beasley
View the documentPreface by Juhani Laurinkari
View the documentLaakkonen, Vesa Esko
View the documentPublications of Vesa Laakkonen
View the documentThe impact of democratic control on co-operative decision-making
View the documentState policies and legislation vis-a-vis co-operatives
View the documentCo-operatives, associations and co-operative associations - differences and common features
View the documentHousing and non-profit housing - common features and contradictions
View the documentIn search of an international co-operative research programme
View the documentBusiness success and democratic process
View the documentA new model for producer co-operatives in Israel
View the documentA system approach to co-operatives
View the documentThe position of co-operative science within the overall system of sciences
View the documentConcentration in the co-operative system - the abolition of co-operative principles?1
View the documentTrends towards a new co-operative movement
View the documentCo-operative members and their movement
View the documentRaiffeisen - the man and the co-operator
View the documentSystems approach in co-operative research
View the documentThe co-operative system and managerial systems in socialist economy
View the documentThe consumer co-operative movement in Sweden - Theory and practice before the second world war
View the documentBasic co-operative values
View the documentCo-operative law as a tool of development policy
View the documentEcho, techno, polito and dialectics and system-theoretical reduction
View the documentTrends in co-operative theory
View the documentCo-operative principles and their importance for co-operative progress
View the documentCo-operation - An organization strategy
View the documentStrategic planning and strategic control of enterprises as tasks of co-operative management
View the documentGeneral managers in consumer co-operatives - What do they really do?
View the documentUse of computer for co-operative development. Assessment of the prospects for success of co-operatives in developing countries1
View the documentCo-operative principles from the point of view of evolution theory
View the documentAustrian “social partnership” and co-operatives
View the documentHomo oeconomicus and homo co-operativus in co-operative research
View the documentThe officialization of the co-operative system in developing countries - Problems and counterstrategies
View the documentManagement philosophy and business strategies of credit co-operatives