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Leading a demonstration

Demonstrations are an effective way of helping someone to learn a skill and to remember the message.

Demonstrations are based on the principle:

What I hear, I forget;

What I see, I remember;

What I do, I know.

Demonstrations should be simple and include only the necessary details. They must be given with the participation of the audience and with local, familiar utensils.

Here are some important qualities of a good demonstration:

1. The technical content is correct.
2. The actions are clear, visible, and coordinated with the words.
3. The tasks are easy to understand.
4. The language and words are simple.
5. The actions follow in a logical order.
6. Group discussion and questions are encouraged.
7. Checking questions are asked during the demonstration and at the end.
8. At least one group member repeats the demonstration (if time permits).
9. The main points are summarized at the end.


In this exercise you will watch a model demonstration of ORS preparation. After the demonstration, there will be a group discussion on how the demonstration was conducted. Discuss whether each of the nine qualities (listed above) was included. Then, as many of the participants as possible should practise conducting a demonstration.

(A P A C)

Ask about drinking
Praise and encourage the mother

Ask about eating
Praise and encourage the mother

Check that the mother understands eating and drinking

Ask about medication/treatments
Praise and encourage the mother

Advise the mother on signs to watch for

Check and review all advice using the Mother's Card

(Refer the mother to a small group session if necessary)