Re: Questions about Greenstone documentation

From John R. McPherson
DateTue, 26 Feb 2002 10:48:15 +1300
Subject Re: Questions about Greenstone documentation
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Sebastien Blondeel wrote:
> 1/ Greenstone software is GPL'd.
> What license covers the documentation? I found no mention of any
> copyright or license notice in the documentation. GPL? GFDL? By default
> it is a proprietary license, according to copyright law.
> 2/ Is the documentation retrieved with the following command:
> -=-=-=
> wget -km -np -A pdf
> -=-=-=
> the latest versions of all documents? Are new versions or updates
> planned soon? Are there HTML versions of the documentation?

> 3/ The documentation was written in what format (DocBook?) Are the
> sources and compilation suite used to produce the PDF available?

in answer to your questions:
1) I don't think license terms of the documentation has ever been
considered an issue by us - someone higher up than me will have to
answer this...

2) Those PDFs are the latest version. We try to release a new version
of the documentation with each version of the software. They are only
in PDF format, although we have unofficial HTML versions inside our
greenstone documentation collection which were created using the
pdftohtml converter that is distributed with greenstone.

3) I believe the documents were written in Microsoft Word, as this
made it easier (in some respects...) for our documentation authors.

John McPherson