Re: .EPS and Quark image files

From George Buchanan
DateWed, 06 Feb 2002 13:06:37 +0000
Subject Re: .EPS and Quark image files
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Pam Osborne wrote:
> We have some .eps and Quark image files that we'd like to include in a
> collection and can't get them to work. Any suggestions?
EPS is basically PS, and I think has been covered.

When you say "Quark Image Files", do you mean the tagged text files, or
the binary format sources, or something passed through a RIP process?
The file extension should say; ".qxd" is a document binary, and ".qxt"
is a template file, for example; for a number of things Quark keeps
the file in a virtually ASCII (plain text) format and just adds some

Before going further, I presume you don't have your own copy of Quark?
If you did, life would be easier, because Quark formats make MS formats
a work of clarity in comparison :-( so adding a Quark Xtension (a plugin
for Quark) is the best approach.

Presuming not, then you'll really need to hope that it's a Quark tagged
text format, in which case there are quite a few conversion tools
if it's in binary format, then you may well have to look to a commercial
tool, and that will be coloured somewhat by which platform you are using

George Buchanan
Research Fellow, Digital Libraries
Middlesex University, London, UK