Re: Redhat Vs. Slackware.. Why did you choose Slackware?

From Gordon Paynter
DateFri, 15 Mar 2002 15:06:32 -0800
Subject Re: Redhat Vs. Slackware.. Why did you choose Slackware?
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On Friday 15 March 2002 12:57, you wrote:

> What I'm looking for are the reasons that Greenstone is developed on
> Slackware.

Greenstone is "developed on Slackware" at the NZDL because the Waikato
CS department uses Slackware. The department uses slackware because
there weren't any other distributions when they started using Linux,
and our admins are not inclined to change (since they know Slackware).
It was not a conscious choice by the NZDL.

Slackware has a reputation for making it easier to manage large
netwoks, but if you only have a dozen machines and a part-time admin
(as I do), then you're better off finding a distribution with an
effective package management system.

Personally, I develop Greenstone on Debian because it is the most
free, and because apt is a better package management system than RPM.

(Note: my admin comes from a Slackware/Mandrake background and he said
Debian took some getting used to. But he is installng it all around
the library now.)