Re: perl error message

From John R. McPherson
DateThu, 07 Mar 2002 12:07:55 +1300
Subject Re: perl error message
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"Rolen, Heather" wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm having a problem getting Greenstone to recognize Perl on my computer.
> I'm trying to access the Collector page(s) to start building a collection,
> and have downloaded and installed Perl. I rebooted. I'm using the
> 'Restricted version'. Should Perl files be stored in a particular place for
> the collector to detect it?

You'll have to provide some more information.
1) I assume you are using some version of Windows. Are you using windows
98, NT, 2000, ... ?

2) Which version of perl are you using? ActiveState perl for windows? If
so, do you know what version.

3) If you type "perl" from a command line, does it say "file not found"
or does it sit there waiting for input? (You can cancel with ctrl+c
or ctrl+z under windows).

If perl doesn't work from the command line, then there is no
way for greenstone to know where perl is installed.
Perl should be set up on the default PATH.

John McPherson