No content when using subcollections

From Frans van 't Hof
DateThu, 3 Jan 2002 16:19:11 +0100
Subject No content when using subcollections

Maybe somebody can help me with the following problem. I've a problem when
using subcollections in GSDL 2.37 (Linux). When I make use of subcollections
no content is shown in the browser when I open a document. Only the Title
appears, this both in Opera 5 and Netscape 4.77.

All the documents are available in the different subcollections and are
processed by the plugins. If have taken a look at the .xml files in the
archive directory and they look fine to me.

Here are the relevant settings from my collect.cfg.

indexes document:text document:Title document:Source

subcollection ab "custommeta/^guust/i"
subcollection cd "custommeta/^compnews/i"
subcollection ef "custommeta/^homemade/i"
indexsubcollections ab cd ef ab,cd,ef
defaultcollection ab

As you can see: I've made some adjustments in Greenstone. However that
shouldn't matter, because I have the same problem with another basic

Frans van 't Hof