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mg_weights_build - builds the approximate weights file


mg_weights_build [ -h ] [ -s ] [ -b num ] [ -d directory ] -f name


mg_weights_build is the program that generates the approximate weights file and the interleaved text index and exact weights file. To do this, it uses the text index and either the exact weights file, or the inverted file and stemmed dictionary.


Options may appear in any order.

This displays a usage line on stderr.

Save the weights generated from the *.invf and *.invf.dict file in a *.weight file.

-b num
This specifies the number of bits of precision that should be used for the approximate weights. If not specified, it defaults to 8.

-d directory
This specifies the directory where the document collection is.

-f name
This specifies the base name of the document collection.


MGDATA If this environment variable exists, then its value is used as the default directory where the mg(1) collection files are. If this variable does not exist, then the directory "." is used by default. The command line option -d directory overrides the directory in MGDATA.


Inverted file.

Compressed stemmed dictionary.

The exact weights file.

Index into the compressed documents.

Interleaved index into the compressed documents and document weights.

Approximate document weights.


mg(1), mg_compression_dict(1), mg_fast_comp_dict(1), mg_get(1), mg_invf_dict(1), mg_invf_dump(1), mg_invf_rebuild(1), mg_passes(1), mg_perf_hash_build(1), mg_text_estimate(1), mgbilevel(1), mgbuild(1), mgdictlist(1), mgfelics(1), mgquery(1), mgstat(1), mgtic(1), mgticbuild(1), mgticdump(1), mgticprune(1), mgticstat(1).

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