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mg_invf_dump - Dump out an inverted file in ASCII


mg_invf_dump [ -h ] [ -b ] [ -w ] [ -t ] [ -d directory ] -f name


This program dumps out an inverted file produced by the mg(1) system as ASCII numbers. This program could be used in conjunction with mgdictlist(1) to write simple shell programs that work with the inverted files. The output from the program looks something like this:

6 337
1 1
5 1
2 1
1 1
1 3
2 7
3 2
5 2
1 1
. . .
The first number (6) is the number of documents in the collection. It is followed by the number of different terms in the collection. For each term, the number of different documents it occurs in follows. The document numbers that the term occurs in are listed next. If -w is specified, then the number of times the term occurred in the document is printed alongside the document number. If -t is specified, the term itself is also displayed in quotes.


Options may appear in any order.

This displays a usage line on stderr.

This option will cause the output from the program to be in fixed-size binary numbers, rather than in ASCII.

If the inverted file is a level-2 or level-3 inverted file, this causes the word counts per document to be output.

This option causes each term to be displayed along with the number of documents it appears in. The term is printed in quotes, as in "the".

-d directory
This specifies the directory where the document collection can be found.

-f name
This specifies the base name of the document collection.


MGDATA If this environment variable exists, then its value is used as the default directory where the mg(1) collection files are. If this variable does not exist, then the directory "." is used by default. The command line option -d directory overrides the directory in MGDATA.


The compressed stemmed dictionary.

The original inverted file saved by mg_invf_rebuild.

The inverted file.


mg(1), mg_compression_dict(1), mg_fast_comp_dict(1), mg_get(1), mg_invf_dict(1), mg_invf_rebuild(1), mg_passes(1), mg_perf_hash_build(1), mg_text_estimate(1), mg_weights_build(1), mgbilevel(1), mgbuild(1), mgdictlist(1), mgfelics(1), mgquery(1), mgstat(1), mgtic(1), mgticbuild(1), mgticdump(1), mgticprune(1), mgticstat(1).

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