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mgstat - print out statistics about a document collection


mgstat [ -h ] [ -E ] [ -d directory ] -f name


mgstat prints out various statistics about an existing mg(1) document collection. Depending on the size of the collection, sizes will be printed in either kilobytes or megabytes.


Options may appear in any order.

This displays a usage line on stdout.

This option forces sizes to be printed in bytes rather than kilobytes or megabytes.

-d directory
This specifies the directory where the document collection can be found.

-f name
This specifies the base name of the document collection.


MGDATA If this environment variable exists, then its value is used as the default directory where the mg(1) collection files are. If this variable does not exist, then the directory "." is used by default. The command line option -d directory overrides the directory in MGDATA.


Compressed documents.

Inverted file.

Interleaved index into the compressed documents and document weights.

Approximate document weights.

*.invf.dict.blocked Compressed stemmed dictionary and index into the inverted file merged into an inverted file.

Fast loading compression dictionary.

Compressed compression dictionary.

Compressed stemmed dictionary.

The index into the inverted file.

Statistics about the text.

Auxiliary compression dictionary.

Index into the compressed documents.

The exact weights file.

Maps stemmed terms from occurrence order to lexical order.

*.invf.chunk.trans Describes where the source text is broken up into chunks for the inversion pass.

A perfect hash function for the terms in the stemmed dictionary.


mg(1), mg_compression_dict(1), mg_fast_comp_dict(1), mg_get(1), mg_invf_dict(1), mg_invf_dump(1), mg_invf_rebuild(1), mg_passes(1), mg_perf_hash_build(1), mg_text_estimate(1), mg_weights_build(1), mgbilevel(1), mgbuild(1), mgdictlist(1), mgfelics(1), mgquery(1), mgtic(1), mgticbuild(1), mgticdump(1), mgticprune(1), mgticstat(1).

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