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xmg - An X interface to mgquery


xmg [ collection-name ]


xmg is an X interface to the mg(1) information retrieval system.

Type a query in the ``Query'' box. The escape key clears the query text.

The first line or so of each matching document is listed.

Click on any line to show the complete document.

Shift-click to show the document in a new window.

Press Next and Previous to cycle through the list of documents (shift works here too).

If you change the query, existing windows continue to refer to the original query.

You can select either Boolean or ranked queries:

Boolean queries: use ``&'' for AND, ``|'' for OR, ``!'' for NOT, and parentheses for grouping.

Ranked queries: Documents are listed in order of relevance. A weight is shown alongside each. Weights are normalized to 100 for the most relevant document. Choose Approximate Ranking for greater retrieval speed.

In document windows (other than the main window): Typing `n' = next document;
Typing `N' = next document in new window; Typing `p' = previous document;
Typing `P' = previous document in new window; Typing `q' = close window.


MGDATA If this environment variable exists, then its value is used as the default directory where the mg(1) collection files are. If this variable does not exist, then the directory "." is used by default. The command line option -d directory overrides the directory in MGDATA.

To override the default font options, use RESOURCE_MANAGER properties like the following in your .Xdefaults file:

xmg.textfont: fixed
xmg.buttonfont: fixed

To override the default query type of ranked, use

xmg.querytype: boolean

To override the default collection name (the first one listed by ls(1) from your MGDATA environment variable), use

xmg.collection: mail93


ls(1), mg(1), mg_compression_dict(1), mg_fast_comp_dict(1), mg_get(1), mg_invf_dict(1), mg_invf_dump(1), mg_invf_rebuild(1), mg_passes(1), mg_perf_hash_build(1), mg_text_estimate(1), mg_weights_build(1), mgbilevel(1), mgbuild(1), mgdictlist(1), mgfelics(1), mgquery(1), mgtic(1), mgticbuild(1), mgticdump(1), mgticprune(1), mgticstat(1).

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