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View the document Acknowledgements
View the document 1. Sustainability of land use systems: the potential of indigenous measures for the maintenance of soil productivity in sub-sahara african agriculture.
View the document 2. Building on local knowledge - the challenge of agroforestry for pastoral areas.
View the document 3. Alternatives to the traditional land-use system in alentejo, portugal, with special reference to soil tillage (alternative zum traditionellen landnutzungssystem im alentejo, portugal, unter besonderer ber_cksichtigung der bodenbearbeitung.)
View the document 4. Indigenous farming systems and development of latin america: an amazonian example.
View the document 5. Socio-economic and institutional considerations in improving shifting cultivation in tropical Africa.
View the document 6. Traditional agriculture in southeastern Nigeria: demographic, land tenure, and other socio-economic factors.
View the document 7. Appropriate land use systems for shifting cultivators.
View the document 8. The sustainability of the impact of the integrated rural development programme (IRDP) Zambia/nw-province.
View the document 9. Traditional knowledge about the use of soils in the Solomon Islands.

Abstracts On Traditional Land-Use Systems