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View the document Acknowledgements
View the document 1. Indigenous soil and water conservation in Africa.
View the document 2. Sustainable uses for steep slopes.
View the document 3. Land restoration and revegetation.
View the document 4. Economic analysis of soil erosion effects in alley cropping, no-till, and bush fallow systems in southwestern Nigeria.
View the document 5. Soil conservation and management in developing countries.
View the document 6. Guidelines: land evaluation for rainfed agriculture.
View the document 7. Small-grain equivalent of mixed vegetation for wind erosion control and prediction.
View the document 8. A method for farmer-participatory research and technology transfer: upland soil conservation in the Philippines.
View the document 9. African bean-based cropping systems conserve soil.
View the document 10. Refining soil conservation strategies in the mountain environment: the climatic factor.
View the document 11. Conservation tillage for sustainable crop production systems.
View the document 12. Caring for the land of the usambaras - a guide to preserving the environment through agriculture, agroforestry and zero grazing.
View the document 13. Vetiver grass (vetiveria zizanioides) - a method of vegetative soil and moisture conservation.
View the document 14. Erosion in andean hillside farming.
View the document 15. Conservation tillage systems.
View the document 16. Soil erosion, water runoff and their control on steep slopes in Sumatra.

Abstracts on erosion and desertification control