Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians Resolution In Support of Reauthorization of P.L. 95-40 (Voc. Ed. Act of 1963) and P.L. 94-482 (Educ. Amend. of 1976)
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                A F F I L I A T E D   T R I B E S   O F
                   N O R T H W E S T   I N D I A N S

                           RESOLUTION 81-13 
                   THE EDUCATION AMENDMENTS OF 1976  

     WHEREAS: In June, 1977, P.L. 95-40, the Vocational Education 
     Amendments of 1977, was signed into law by the President of 
     the United States; and 

     WHEREAS: The Act makes several technical and miscellaneous 
     Amendments to provisions relating to Vocational Education 
     contained in Title I of the Education Amendments of P.L. 94-
     482 (Reference Section 103 (a) (1) (B) (iii); and  
     WHEREAS: This portion of the Act has become known as the 
     "One Percent (1%)  Set Aside" Vocational Education funds for 
     Indian Tribes and Indian Organizations; and  

     WHEREAS: To date, several resolutions have been proposed, 
     passed and supported by various national Indian 
     organizations and Indian Tribes to get the Bureau of Indian 
     Affairs to match the Commissioner's (formally DHEW-USOE), 1%  
     Set-Aside funds for vocational Education projects as stated 
     in the law; and  

     WHEREAS: The Bureau of Indian Affairs has not adequately 
     given this issue the priority it deserves, and as a result 
     Tribes have lost, to date approximately  $16,069,807.00 
     matching money, to conduct Vocational Education programs for  
     Tribal members; and  

     WHEREAS: Only thirty eight (38) Indian Tribes out of 
     approximately two hundred and eighty-one (281) recognized 
     Tribes, have been recipients of approximately  
     $16,069,807.00 over the past three (3) years to implement 
     Vocational and Technical Education projects; and  

     WHEREAS: Indian Tribes still show a severe need for the 
     continuation of the Commissioner's 1% Set-Aside monies to 
     provide training to Indian people; and  

     WHEREAS: The unemployment rate on Indian reservations 
     remains at an all time high; and  

     WHEREAS: It was recommended that American Indians be 
     involved in endorsing and supporting the National Advisory 
     Council on Vocational Education in making certain that any 
     necessary amendments to the Act should ensure continued  
     Vocational Education funding for Indian Tribes; and  

     WHEREAS: Indian Tribes, organizations, and individuals are 
     preparing testimony for committee hearings regarding re-
     authorization of P.L. 94-482, which are tentatively 
     scheduled for February and March 1981, and are planning to 
     coordinate prepared testimony with the Coalition of Indian 
     Controlled School Boards' Education Concerns Committee; and  

     NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: That the Affiliated Tribes of 
     Northwest Indians-urges the Administration to support 
     legislation extending the Amendment of reauthorization of 
     P.L. 95-40, the Vocational Education Act of P.L. 94-482, the 
     Vocational Education Amendments of 1976;  

     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: that the Affiliated Tribes of 
     Northwest Indians establish the reauthorization of P.L. 94-
     482 as one of its legislative priorities for 1981, that the 
     Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians establish a special 
     task force of the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians 
     Education Concerns Committee to work on the reauthorization 
     of this major piece of education legislation; and that all 
     amendments be reviewed and approved by the Affiliated Tribes 
     of Northwest Indians.  

     The foregoing resolution has been adopted at the special 
     meeting of the Executive Council of the Affiliated Tribes of 
     Northwest Indians May 26, 1981 at the Sheraton Hotel, 
     Spokane, Washington.  

     _________________________________     ______________________
     Connie Skanen, Executive Director     Russell Jim, President 
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