Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians Resolution Supporting the Chemawa Indian Boarding School Request for Supplemental Funds for FY-81
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                A F F I L I A T E D   T R I B E S   O F
                   N O R T H W E S T   I N D I A N S

                           RESOLUTION 81-15 
     WHEREAS: the Chemawa Indian School has students 
     participating from Tribes throughout the Northwest region; 

     WHEREAS: the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest has a 
     responsibility to assist the member tribes of the 
     organization in fields of common concern; and  
     WHEREAS: the Affiliated Tribes have been instrumental in the 
     preservation of the Chemawa Indian Boarding School; and  
     WHEREAS: since the conception of formula funding for BIA 
     schools, it has been clear to some administrative 
     management staff in medium sized schools (200 to 400 
     students) like Chemawa Indian School that weighted factors 
     for instruction,  boarding and/or dorms will have to be 
     adjusted if schools are to survive with some stability; and  
     WHEREAS: at this point, it appears that the formula funding 
     program is highly favorable to small schools and/or to 
     schools with a student population of more than 450 students 
     and seems to be designed to close down medium-sized boarding  
     schools or force them to offer a very limited and meager 
     education program for Indian students; and  
     WHEREAS: since the formula fund concept uses the number of 
     students enrolled in school to dictate the amount of money 
     allocated for a school-Chemawa's ability to generate funds 
     was reduced by at least 20% when it became impossible to 
     enroll 400 students because of the contractor's failure to 
     have the new dorms ready on time; and  
     WHEREAS: although the school has always received at least a 
     proportional amount of PAY ACT MONEY which is allocated by 
     Congress to absorb salary increases, at a time when federal 
     workers have been awarded the highest pay raise in recent  
     history (9.1% for FY 81, an amount in excess of $150,000 at 
     Chemawa) no Pay Act funds will be provided; and  
     WHEREAS: Volume 44, Number 209 of the Federal Register, 
     October 26, 1979 states under Section 31h.21 FUTURE 
     adjustment can be made which will allow the school to 
     provide a program staffed at a reasonable level; and  
     THE CENTRAL OFFICE has a means of adjusting particular 
     local school entitlement related to special problems 
     experienced during the change-over to formula funding,  
     NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED: that the Affiliated Tribes 
     of Northwest Indians support Chemawa in their request for 
     additional funds under Section 31h.21 and 31h.78 in the 
     amount of $211,000.00 to complete fiscal year 1981.  
     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: By the Affiliated Tribes of 
     Northwest Indians that the Bureau of Indian Affairs 
     Education Department be requested to evaluate the Chemawa 
     budget to determine if the formula funding concept will be 
     adequate and fair for the operation of the school.  

     The foregoing resolution has been adopted at the special 
     meeting of the Executive Council of the Affiliated Tribes of 
     Northwest Indians May 26, 1981 at the Sheraton Hotel, 
     Spokane, Washington.  

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     Connie Skanen, Executive Director     Russell Jim, President 
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