Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians Resolution Calling for Action Against the WA State Anti-Indian/Anti-Treaty Initiative 456
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   A F F I L I A T E D   T R I B E S   O F   N O R T H W E S T
                          I N D I A N S

       (A resolution calling for  a united  and  concerted 
       effort to defeat  Washington  State  Initiative 456 
       which seeks to  declare  that  all "legal rights or 
       privileges of Indians established through treaties" 
       are extinguished and "were  terminated" by the 1924 
       Indian Citizenship Act.) 

RECALLING, that the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians was 
founded and organized by Indian Tribes and Nations and individual 
Indians for the purpose of protecting and promoting Indian 
Rights, and to organize mutual support by and between Indian 
peoples to preserve, protect and guarantee the Rights and 
Property of Indian people, and 

NOTING, the persistent attempts by private U.S. citizens and 
organizations to create a negative political climate within U.S. 
society against Indian Rights and Treaty Rights, and 

BEING REMINDED, that the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians 
has demonstrated its past commitment to promote and organize 
efforts to preserve and protect Indian Rights and Treaty Rights 
against political campaigns aimed at undermining the original and 
inherent rights of Indian peoples such as the Jack Cunningham 
congressional campaign and campaigns of the Inter-State Congress 
of Equal Rights and Responsibilities, and 

RECOGNIZING, that anti-Indian and anti-treaty political forces in 
the State of Washington have succeeded in securing 208,000 
signatures from registered voters to place on the November 1984 
ballot Initiative 456. 

WHEREAS, Initiative 456 is a blatantly anti-Indian political 
effort which asks Washington State voters to support the 
following question:  "Shall Congress be petitioned to 
decommercialize steelhead, and state policies respecting Indian 
rights and management of natural resources be enacted?", and 

WHEREAS, though Initiative 456 is and will likely be found 
unconstitutional under the U.S. Constitution its success at the 
polls will have the effect of poisoning the political climate 
throughout the United States, and thus create pressures on the 
U.s. Congress to enact legislation to overturn favorable Supreme 
Court decisions, and enact legislation aimed at the abrogation of 
existing Indian treaties and undermine Indian Rights, and 

WHEREAS, the initiative process is being used by anti-Indian 
political forces to target Indian rights in Washington State and, 
with a success there, launch similar initiatives in as many as 23 
other western states from Alaska to the Dakotas, Oklahoma and 
Main to force congressional action against Indian nations. 

WHEREAS, Indian Nations surrounded by the state of Washington, 
private environmental organizations, and private non-Indian 
fisheries organizations have joined together in an effort to 
defeat Initiative 456 by establishing the "No on Initiative 456" 

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Affiliated Tribes of 
Northwest Indians condemns Initiative 456 as a direct threat to 
Indian culture and a direct attack on the sacred contracts 
between Indians and the United States, and 

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest 
Indians calls upon its members to:  support the "No on Initiative 
456" campaign with financial help within the limits of their 
resources;  support Indian governments in Washington to organize 
an Indian voter registration campaign;  support the "No on 
Initiative 456" campaign by offering volunteer help to the 
campaign organization, and 

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED, that the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest 
Indians membership shall work with delegations at the Annual 
National Congress of American Indians Convention in Spokane to 
gain active NCAI support for the "No on Initiative 456" campaign 
and direct support from Indian nations across the United States 
to defeat Initiative 456. 

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