Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians Resolution Supporting the efforts of STOWW (Small Tribes of Western Washington) to Continue its Volunteer in Service to America (VISTA) program beyond FY-86
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                A F F I L I A T E D   T R I B E S   O F
                   N O R T H W E S T   I N D I A N S

                         RESOLUTION #84-F-014

     WHEREAS, the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians, 
              hereafter referred to as ATNI, is a regional 
              organization comprised of American Indian tribes in 
              the States of Oregon, Washington, Idaho and 
              Montana, and  

     WHEREAS, ATNI is dedicated to the ideals of the improvement 
              of the health, education, welfare and economic 
              development of the tribes located in the 4-state 
              area, and  

     WHEREAS, the Small Tribes Organization of Western 
              Washington, hereafter referred to as STOWW, has 
              been a grantee of the Volunteer in Service to 
              America (VISTA) program for 6 years, and  

     WHEREAS, it is VISTA's mission to "....assist in the 
              solution of poverty and poverty-related problems", 

     WHEREAS, Native Americans in the State of Washington have 
              the highest "poverty percentage" (24.8% compared to 
              9.8% for the total population, according to the 
              1980 census), and  
     WHEREAS, most STOWW tribes are only in the beginning phases 
              of planning for tribal self-sufficiency through 
              economic development projects, and are currently at 
              a critical stage in that development and rely on 
              their VISTA volunteer for support in that area, and  
     WHEREAS, VISTA has announced its intention to phase out the 
              STOWW program after FY-86 which will have a 
              negative impact on the economic development of 
              small tribes.  
     NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Affiliated Tribes of 
              Northwest Indians support the efforts of STOWW to 
              continue its VISTA program beyond FY-86, and 
     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Affiliated Tribes of 
              Northwest Indians hereby petitions the Region X 
              ACTION office to withdraw consideration of the 
              STOWW phase-out and take whatever steps are 
              necessary to continue the STOWW VISTA program 
              beyond FY-86.  


     The foregoing resolution was duly endorsed at the Annual 
     Conference of the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians, at 
     Spokane, Washington, on September 8, 1984, with a quorum 
     present and voting. 

     __________________________      ____________________________
     Delbert Frank, President        Faith Mayhew, Secretary

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