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View the documentDeath of a River... And Resurrection by Marsha Shaiman - Destruction of the Skokomish River watershed by City of Tacoma
View the documentDeclaration Against Genocide -- by the NGO's, Indigenous Nations, and Minority Groups at the UNWGIP. July 29, 1993
View the documentDeclaration of Indigenous Leaders Regarding the Rights of the Indigenous Peoples and Nations of Nicaragua's Atlantic Coast Region
View the documentDeclaration of Nishnawbe-Aski by the Ojibway-Cree Nation of Treaty No. 9 to the people of Canada delivered by the Chiefs of Grand Council Treaty No. 9
View the documentDeclaration of Principles Adopted by the Indigenous Peoples - Prep Mtg of UNWGIP July, 1987
View the documentDeclaration of Salzburg Final Draft - World Uranium Hearings, Sept., 1992
View the documentDeclaration of Sovereignty by the General Assembly of the Chilcotin Nation
View the documentDeclaration of the Fourth Russell Tribunal
View the documentThe Declaration on State Sovereignty of the Yakut-Sakha Soviet Socialist Republic
View the document"Defy the Armed Invasion on Our Land, Resist This New Colonization" -- Kalinga-Bontoc Peace Pact Holders Association
View the documentThe Deteriorating Situation in the Chittagong Hill Tracts - Report by the Jana Samhati Samiti on 2 June 1995
View the documentDine' Bikeya Committee Resolution Urging Sen. Dennis DeConcini to Support a Land Exchange
View the documentDisappearing Trees, Disappearing Culture by Robert Weissman - Penan's struggle against Malaysia's ecological warfare
View the documentDiscussion Paper for National Tribal Leaders' Meetings -- 1993 Administration Transition Plan and 1993-7 Congressional Initiatives
View the documentDraft Declaration of Principles presented to UNWGIP '85 by Indian Law Resource Ctr, Four Directions Cncl, National Aboriginal and Islander Legal Service, NIYC, Inuit Circumpolar Conf and IITC
View the documentDraft Memorandum of Understanding Between the Lummi Nation and Whatcom County for the establishment of a coordinated Tribal/County Lummi Reservation Planning Process
View the documentDraft Report of the Second Session of the Intersessional Working Group on a Draft Declaration - 1 November 1996
View the documentDraft Resolution #27 Special Chiefs Assembly on Support For Barriere Lake Trilateral Agreement March 29-31, 1993 Ottawa, Ontario
View the documentE/CN.4/Sub.2/AC.4/1996/3/Add.1 Health and Indigenous Peoples - Statments by the Four Directions Council, Coordinating Association of Indigenous Communities in El Salvador, CHIRAPAQ, Legal Committee on Self-Sufficient Development for the Autochthonous Peoples of the Andes, and the Indigenous Parliament of America - UNWGIP 14th Session 12 June 1996
View the documentE/CN.4/Sub.2/AC.4/1996/3/Add.2 Statement by the Indigenous Missionary Council to the 14th Session of the UNWGIP re: Impact of diseases on Indian Nations in Brazil - 28 June 1996
View the documentAn Emerging Nation - Declaration of sovereignty by the Neskainlith Indian Government - Shuswap Nation
View the documentEnsure the Victory of Genuine Autonomy -- Statement of the Cordillera People's Alliance
View the documentEnvironmental Protection Agency Indian Policy Implementation Guidelines with attached policy statement -- 11/8/84
View the documentEnvironmental Protection Agency Policy for the Administration of Environmental Programs on Indian Reservations -- 11/8/84
View the documentEvolving New International Laws From the Fourth World by Rudolph C. Ryser - Background on the International Covenant on the Rights of Indigenous Nations