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View the documentFirst Encounter of Indian Movements -- Cusco-Ollantaytambo Resolution
View the documentFirst Revised Text of the Draft Universal Declaration on Rights of Indigenous Peoples - 1989 version E/CN.4/Sub.2/1989/33 - 15 June 1989
View the documentThe Formation of the World Council of Indigenous Peoples by Douglas Sanders, April 1980
View the documentThe Formation of the World Council of Indigenous Peoples by Douglas Sanders, April 1980
View the documentFourth World Nations: Conflicts and Alternatives by Prof. Bernard Q. Nietschmann
View the documentFrom "Balance of Power" to Democratizing International Relations: Balancing Relations Between Nations and States in a New Era by Rudolph C. Ryser 8/24/1992
View the documentFueling Destruction in the Amazon - an Interview with Dr. Luis Macas, President of the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (CONIE)
View the documentFuture Role of the Working Group: Note by the Chairperson-Rapporteur of the Working Group on Indigenous Populations - 11th Session July 1993
View the documentFWDP: Corrigendum to the Report of the Working Group's Fourteenth Session (REPORT14.TXT)
View the documentFWDP: Indian Self-Government Process Evaluation: Preliminary Findings - Preliminary report of year-long tribally initiated study undertaken by CWIS to evaluate the Self-Governance Demonstration Project.
View the documentGrand Council of the Crees (of Quebec) Submission to the UN Commission on Human Rights July 1985 -- James Bay Hydroelectric
View the documentGreat Lakes Inter-Tribal Council's Resolution 7-13-84A in opposition to US Dept. of Energy plans for a high level nuclear waste repository in Wisconsin
View the documentGuaymi Nation's Cerro Puerco Resolution on Cerro Colorado Mine
View the documentGuaymi Nation's Nance de Risco Resolution on Changuinola I Hydroelectric Project
View the documentHandbook on State-Tribal Relations by the Commission on State-Tribal Relations
View the documentHawai'ian House of Reps. Resolution requesting that the Department of the Navy and RIMPAC terminate the use of Kaho'olawe as a boming target.
View the documentHearing before the Senate Select Comm. on Indian Affairs - The Views and Concerns of the People of N. Arizona Regarding the Navajo-Hopi Agreement-in-Principle 10 Feb 1993
View the documentA hilarious diatribe by the Llaqta School of Journalism of Cusco against the First World Congress of Indian People ("Yankee Imperialists")
View the documentHistory and information on the National Maori Congress -- and venue and contacts for upcoming Congress in 1993
View the documentHistory of the term "Fourth World" - Chapter excerpt from, "The Meaning of 'Nation' and 'State' the Fourth World," by Dr. Richard Griggs
View the documentHuman Rights Violations - The People of the Dega Republic by the Montagnard/Dega International Human Rights Committee, presented to the UN Workshop on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples 1993