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View the documentOn Place - Remarks by Rudolph C. Ryser at the National Grant-Makers' Annual Conference, Seattle, WA, Oct 27-30, 1994
View the documentOn the Discrimination of the Rehoboth Basters - A paper to the UN by European immigrants to Namibia trying to claim to be "Indigenous Peoples"
View the documentOn the Evolution of Standards Concerning the Rights of Indigenous Populations -- Helsinki Final Act
View the documentOn the Right Against Displacement - Statement by Sheik Salar Hassan Hafeed, Mosul Vilayet Council (Iraq), UNWGIP - 1992
View the documentThe Onondaga Council of Chiefs Memorandum on Tribal Sovereignty
View the documentOral Intervention by Sharon Venne at UN Working Group on Indigenous Populations. July 20, 1993
View the documentOral Intervention by Sharon Venne on Behalf of the Lubicon Cree (with attachments) at UNWGIP 12th Session '94
View the documentOregon Coast Tribes Treaty of 1855 (Unratified)
View the documentPacific Island Independence: Can Island Nations Avoid Dependence?
View the documentPetition and Bill of Particulars on the Establishment of Negotiations Between Indian Nations in Canada and the Gov't of Canada to Resolve Outstanding Differences Prior to the Patriation of the Canadian Constitution
View the documentPetition and Bill of Particulars on the Political Standing of Indigenous Tribes and Bands Under the Protection of the British Gov't in the Face of Impending Canadian Independence
View the documentPetition by the Indian People of Canada to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, November 1980, re: patriation of the Canadian constitution
View the documentPolicy Paper Submitted to 41st Annual General Assembly of NCAI by the Nuclear Waste National Indian Review Committee
View the documentPolitical and Economic Imperialism -- National Congress of American Indians Position Paper
View the documentPresentation by Dr. Ramendu S. Dewan to the Refugee Studies Programme, U. of Oxford on the genocide being carried out by the Bangladesh Gov't.
View the documentPresentation to the UNWGIP by The Montagnard Foundation July 20, 1993
View the documentPresidential Address by Joe DeLaCruz to NCAI -- "Defending Our Inalienable Rights: We Cannot Fail Our Children"
View the documentPress Release on Forced Repatriation and Genocide of Hmong Returnees in Laos by the Lao Human Rights Council - July 24, 1994
View the documentPrinciples and Guidelines for the Protection of the Heritage of Indigenous People - Annex of the Final Report of the Special Rapporteur on the study of the protection of the cultural and intellectual property of indigenous peoples
View the documentProclamation Restoring the Independence of the Sovereign Nation State of Hawai'i - January 16, 1994
View the documentProposed Hopi Residential Homesite Lease
View the documentThe Quinault River Treaty signed July 1, 1855