Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians Resolution Urging tribes to support passage of HR 6118, Water Pollution Cancer Research
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                A F F I L I A T E D   T R I B E S   O F
                   N O R T H W E S T   I N D I A N S

                         RESOLUTION #84-F-011
     WHEREAS, the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians (ATNI) 
              is a regional organization comprised of American 
              Indians from the States of Oregon, Idaho, 
              Washington, and Nevada; and  
     WHEREAS, the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians 
              recognizes the needs and concerns of the member 
              Tribes and the serious impact upon Native American 
              Indians when specific issues are collectively 
              addressed by Local, Regional, and National Indian 
              governments and their organizations; and  
     WHEREAS, the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians is 
              dedicated to the ideals of improvement of health, 
              education, social welfare, and economic development 
              of American Indians: and  
     WHEREAS, Congressman Dennis Hertel and others on August 9, 
              1984 introduced HR-6118 to require that a 
              comprehensive study be prepared regarding the 
              present status of lower animals (primarily edible 
              fish) cancer research at the State and Federal 
              levels, and the means for improving and 
              coordinating that research: and  
     WHEREAS, the Clean Water Act was past 12 years ago, the Sub-
              committee on Fisheries, Wildlife Conservation, and 
              the environment through hearings identified that 
              fish, and other lower animals were exhibiting 
              epidemic rates of cancer; and  
     WHEREAS, lower animals normal do exhibit cancer rates of 
              less than 1%, but in major river and lakes through 
              out the nation are now observing cancer rates of 
              100 in fish 2 years old or older; and  
     WHEREAS, Bird and mammals in the food chain eating these 
              chemical contaminated fish have developed cancers 
              and defects in cormorants of the Great Lakes and 
              display birth defects 50 times higher than 
              comparable birds not eating fish taken from 
              uncontaminated waters; and  
     WHEREAS, Canadian Fisheries Studies of Coho Salmon done by 
              Ron Sonstegard, Canada's McMaster University, 
              identified that contaminated fish are heavily 
              afflicted with liver, thyroid, and reproductive 
              defects, and cancers. Sterility, lack of sexual 
              development, undersized adult were exhibited in 
              nearly 100% of Sonstegard's sampling and 75% of the 
              salmon embryo died; and 
     WHEREAS, the Nation waters are heavily contaminated with 
              many of the 30,000 known cancer causing chemicals 
              that the Puget Sound and other waters of the 
              Northwest have been identified as having 360 of the 
              most toxic chemicals causing cancers and other 
              medical defects (congressional records, August 10 
              E3550 - E3553); and  
     WHEREAS, Sonstegard has identified through scientific 
              analysis and calculations that a person eating one 
              pound of the Coho salmon is equivalent to drinking 
              400,000 gallons of contaminated water containing 
              such chemical carcinogens as DDT, PCB, dioxins, 
              industrial wastes, herbicides, pesticides that have 
              been introduced into the water by pollution; and  
     WHEREAS, the American Indians of the Northwest and elsewhere 
              in the United States still maintain a diet that 
              consume large quantities of salmon and the Tribes 
              demand that the regulating Federal and State 
              agencies recognize the importance of the Clean 
              Water Act and the violations of Indian Treaties, 
              Statutory laws and regulations that guarantees the 
              quantity and quality of water; and  
     THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Affiliated Tribes of 
              Northwest Indians alert and request the member 
              Tribes of the National Congress of American Indians 
              and other organization to the need for support for 
              the urgent passage of HR 6118, Water Pollution 
              Cancer Research legislation; and  
     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Affiliated Tribes of 
              Northwest Indians request Congressman Dennis Hertel 
              of Michigan and the Congressional leaders to add 
              language that authorizes and funds Research for the 
              protection of the Indian Nations waters.  

     The foregoing resolution was duly endorsed at the Annual 
     Conference of the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians, at 
     Spokane, Washington, on September 8, 1984, with a quorum 
     present and voting. 

     __________________________      ____________________________
     Delbert Frank, President        Faith Mayhew, Secretary

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