Rāpopoto reo Pākehā
Pukapuka 1, Nama 14

p.1 Terms of subscription and advertising [in English]
From the Editor requesting correspondence be addressed to Te Pura [James Buller].
From Wiremu Toniki warning of arrest for theft from his business.
[Advertisements and Notices]
From Te Miti & Rewana advertising stud services.
From Te Waharei mā (Worsley & Co.) seeking to buy flax fibre and sheep wool.
From Wiremu Rakiwhata (Wm. Luxford) concerning a mare and foal, found.
From Te Poura mā (Wm. Bowler, Son & Co.) and Tuati, Kinirohi mā (Stuart, Kinross & Co.) wishing to buy gold.
From Tākana (R. J. Duncan) concerning travel costs for the steamer Wonga Wonga.
p.2 The battle at Ahuriri
Editorial notice and discussion of the letters from Te Hāpuku and Wī Tako Ngātata [i-te-rangi] that follow concerning the conflict at Ahuriri.
The Editor questions the judgement of those who persist in supporting Te Hāpuku to fight rather than acting as peacekeepers. Discusses Maori casualties of war and uses a whakataukī [proverb] about the moa [extinct bird] to predict the demise of the Maori population. Requests Maori listen to the words of Wī Tako [Ngātata-i-te-rangi] to live peacefully and care for each other.
A letter from Te Hāpuku to Wī Tako to join in the conflict
Address to Wiremu Tako, Honiana Te Puni and Īhāia Pōrutu, that their decree has been breached by Ngāti Kahungunu. Lists those who have died from the fighting.
Signed by Te Keepa and Te Hāpuku.
[A letter] from Wī Tako to Te Hāpuku
Opposes supporting Te Hāpuku because of the murder of Rāwiri Waiaua and likens Te Hāpuku's activities to those at Taranaki, and of Tōpine at Whanganui. Affirms his intention to continue advocating living peaceably, working the land and promoting hard work, charity and love.
From Governor Gore Browne advising the appointment of named individuals as native assessors.
Marriage notice for Tete of Aramoho and Meri of Mataongaonga.
Death notice for Parata Te Nuku and Īhaka Rani.
Letter from Wī Tako Ngātata as a eulogy for Parata Te Nuku and his grandchild Īhaka Rani.
pp.3-4 Letters to the Editor
From Kārena Te Whia, Heretaunga
Notification that potatoes have rotted because of a flood.
Submission of a waiata [song] to support the practices of Pakeha.
From Te Rou, Ōhara
Addressed to the people of Heretaunga concerning disputed Crown land at Ōhara.
From Te Karehana Te Whena (Mailman), Wanganui
Description of the effects on the writer and his horse of a flood en route from Rangitīkei to Wanganui.
From Tāreha, Karaitiana Takamoana and named others
Addressed to Te Nuipepa o Ahuriri concerning the conflict between Te Hāpuku and Te Moananui. Review of the writers' understanding of the newspaper's viewpoint. Disputes the opinion held by the newspaper and Pakeha that Maori will create their own demise and contends that Pakeha are just as much to blame for the conditions and conflict at hand. Questions the source of disputes between each faction. Contends that the partiality of the law is worked for the benefit of Pakeha and that for the benefit of everyone Maori should be involved in decision-making. Concludes with a question asking Pakeha how they would react if their settlement was attacked.
Potikupa [?]
Waiata [song] from Teoti Wiremu Te Hau, Ōtautahi, expressing his view of current affairs.
p.4 A tangi [lament] by Tarawiri
From Governor George Grey's collection.
Market prices
Current market prices for foodstuffs and produce.
Notice from the Editor informing the aggregate weight of bushels required by the flourmills.