Rāpopoto reo Pākehā
Pukapuka 1, Nama 23

p.1 Terms of subscription and advertising [in English]
From the Editor requesting correspondence be addressed to Te Pura [James Buller].
From Tāmati Eruini Mukākā concerning a lost horse.
[Advertisements and Notices]
From Te Miti & Rewana advertising stud services.
From Te Waharei mā (Worsley & Co.) seeking to buy flax fibre and sheep wool.
From Te Pura [Buller] offering payment for live kiwi birds.
From Te Poura mā (Wm. Bowler, Son & Co.) and Tuati, Kinirohi mā (Stuart, Kinross & Co.) wishing to buy gold.
From Te Rauparaha Te Ringa concerning a mare and foal found.
pp.2-3 The conflict at Taranaki
Editorial discussion about the casualties of the Taranaki conflict. Discredits the perceived benefits of war to Maori. Attributes war to Satan.
Discussion of conflict in India to illustrate what might eventuate in New Zealand.
Attributes the origin of the Taranaki conflict to Katatore killing Rāwiri.
Publication of a letter from Te Hoa Aroha [Good Friend], Ngāmotu, discussing the events after Katatore's death that involved Īhāia's response and culminating in the involvement of Wiremu Kīngi and Tāmati Te Ito.
pp.3-4 Letters to the Editor
From Te Wunu, Pōneke
Supports the newspaper's purpose but is upset by Ngāti Awa's fighting at Ngāmotu.
From Wiremu Tāmihana Te Neke, Waikanae
Requests opinions relating to Queen Victoria.
Discusses the Bible as the source of peace.
Reflects on the aptness of Te Mōkau's death.
From Hirini Wiremu Te Pēhi [?], Te Tekihana
Death notice for Mehu Taera, son of Mere Matiu.
Marriage notice for Hona Wiremu Pātene and Rīria Rāmari.
From Te Rauhihi Whamuko and seven others named, Rangitīkei
Report of the visit by this council to Te Hāpuku's [fortified settlement], with text of some speeches.
From Te Hūtana, Heretaunga
Discusses Maori desire to learn Pakeha practices and advises reading correspondence from Hēnare Taratoa [Vol 1. No.16:2] in favour of Maori learning to speak, read and write English.
Submission of Fable 5 `The crow who claimed to be a prized bird'.
p.4 Advertisement from H.W.Taratoa offering biblical readings for sale.
Market prices
Current market prices for foodstuffs and produce.