Rāpopoto reo Pākehā
Pukapuka 1, Nama 29

p.1 Terms of subscription and advertising [in English]
From Te Pura [Buller] offering payment for live kiwi birds.
From John E. Smith, of the nominations and elections of Superintendent for Pōneke.
From Riripata and Wiremu Takara, of a lost mare.
From Te Rauparaha Te Ringa concerning a mare and foal found.
p.2 What good is the newspaper?
Editorial discussion about the purpose of the newspaper and the value of making financial contributions for its maintenance. Compares the newspaper's need for money with the body's need for food in that the newspaper provides knowledge for the mind to prevent Maori from reverting to traditional practices.
Reasons that writing letters to the newspaper aids this process of acquiring knowledge. Relates a scene of a dying elder who fears his knowledge will be lost because he has not passed it on to younger ones, but who is reassured by a doctor that he will write it all down for future use.
Death notices
Hāmuera Te Takua of Waiwhetū.
Keepa Hiakai, son of Te Kātipa of Ngāti Te Ata.
pp.2-3 Letters to the Editor
From Reupene Te Whakairi, Turakina
Request for subscription to the newspaper.
Supports Maori pursuing a pastoral livelihood.
Address to Te Wunu advising not to sell his land to McLean.
From Hōne Waitere Te Haohao, Turakina
Declares that those who do not live peaceably are not disciples of God.
From Te Keepa Toka, Waikawa
Seeks the basis for the government requesting money from Maori for the maintenance of soldiers, police and postal services when Maori and Pakeha have separate councils.
From Wātene Te Kaharunga, Aratangata
Discusses Te Hūtana's view that Maori are like the kōkako [New Zealand crow] claiming to be a huia [prized bird] [Vol. 1, No. 23:4].
From Īhaka Kahakura, Whangaehu, Turakina
Addressed to Te Teira Minita, Rīhari Wunu and the people of Whangaehu, Turakina and Rangitīkei, thanking them for their support and contributions when his house burnt down.
From Tāmati Eruini Mukākā, Waikanae
Notice of the circumstances behind the death of Peti Te Kurapu of Kaiwharawhara.
From Ahitara Tangatangata, Moutoa, Manawatū
Address to Te Hūtana regarding Maori alcohol consumption. Summarises the introduction of Pakeha guns, ploughs, religion and alcohol and their adoption by Maori. Urges Pakeha to return alcohol to its source.
From Tākana Te Kawa, Awahuri
Criticises Pakeha traders for not paying current market values for Maori goods.
Reply from the Editor that the market prices as published by the newspaper are for Wellington and prices elsewhere might differ.
The flagstaff at Mangōnui
Extract from Te Karere Maori reporting the meeting between Governor Gore-Brown and the leaders and people of Ngā Puhi and Te Rarawa at Mangōnui.
Report of discussions about Judge Te Waiti, Pakeha settlement, and the reinstating the flag at Kororāreka [Russell]. Discussion of the efforts to establish a flagstaff constructed by Pororua at Pukeparaki to demonstrate allegiance to the Queen.
Details of speeches of support given by Ururoa of Whangaroa and named others.
Report of speech from Judge Te Waiti acknowledging this display of support for the Queen and the Government.
p.4 Market prices
Current market prices for foodstuffs and produce.