Rāpopoto reo Pākehā
Pukapuka 1, Nama 38

p.1 Terms of subscription and advertising [in English]
From Te Pura [Buller] offering payment for live kiwi birds.
From Tāmati Huka (Thos Hooker) giving prices for milling flour at Pāpāwai.
From Hoani Waitere Te Haohao concerning two missing horses.
From [Pōneke Prison Warden] offering £100 reward for the capture of Hoani Wuru.
From William Fitzherbert, description of Hoani Wuru.
Reward of £3 from Wiremu Tāmati (William Thomas) for the return of his horse.
p.2 Voting practices
Editorial discussion regarding electoral representation and centralised government. Explains how Tākuta Petitone [Dr. Featherstone] and Kāpene Rori [Capt. Lord] became representatives for Pōneke by gaining the majority of votes. Names the six regional electorates. Explains why government is located at Auckland and that from this institution the legislation governing the land will be established.
Publishes some electoral results.
Death notice
Wiremu Pakakutu of Hāture.
pp.2-4 Letters to the Editor
From Utiki Te Angi, Turakina
Believes he must own land or a house to be entitled to subscribe to the newspaper.
Reply from the Editor explaining that these requirements are for eligibility to vote for government representation.
From Wiremu Pūoho, Wakapuaka
Titled `The murder of Queenie', advises that an appropriate retribution for the death of Rangikahiwa Te Kuini will be sought by the council through the law regardless of the writer's desire for the assailant's death.
From Te Herewini Te Roha, Aorere, Tikini
Addressed to Tāmati Marino and named others on behalf of Te Rūnanga o Te Tikini [the Maori council of Te Tikini] regarding retribution for the death of Rangikahiwa Te Kuini. Advocates that the accused, Wātene Tare, should be put to death. Submits the opinions and names of various people involved.
From Te Wunu, Wanganui
Discusses the Editorial of Vol. 1, No. 33, regarding drunkedness. States that eight people from Wanganui and Rangitīkei have died in three months as the result of alcohol consumption. Accuses Satan of enticing people to drink the sweet-tasting, merry-making alcohol in order to secure disciples.
From Wiremu Te Haeana Tākiri, Turakina
Supports the newspaper broadcasting news from various regions.
From Hoani Te Rangipōuri, Turakina
Expresses happiness that the Queen is to visit New Zealand. Supports the authority of the Queen to bring betterment to Maori.
p.4 The Maori press
Continues from Vol. 1, No. 37, pp. 2-3, the account of `The journey of Davis, Waitere and their Pakeha' as published by Te Whetu o te Tau, Vol. 1, No. 1:2-4, describing their trip to Taupō and meetings with various communities.
Begins with a welcome by the people of Paetai, including a speech by Te Wharepū welcoming Davis and his subsequent reply.
Davis advises that God will not be found along the spider's web followed by Tāwhaki but by the path followed by Jesus Christ.
Details the metaphorical speech of Waikato welcoming Davis to Taupiri and Pirongia and his response and waiata [song].
Names the speakers on his visit to see Te Kihiringi Te Kanawa. Recounts the welcome by Te Kihiringi and Davis's answer and waiata [song].
Market prices
Current market prices for foodstuffs and produce.