Rāpopoto reo Pākehā
Pukapuka 1, Nama 39

p.1 Terms of subscription and advertising [in English]
From Te Pura [Buller] offering payment for live kiwi birds.
From Tāmati Huka (Thos Hooker) giving prices for milling flour at Pāpāwai.
From Hoani Waitere Te Haohao concerning two missing horses.
From [Pōneke Prison Warden] offering £100 reward for the capture of Hoani Wuru.
From William Fitzherbert, description of Hoani Wuru.
Reward of £3 from Wiremu Tāmati (William Thomas) for the return of his horse.
p.2 The Maori king
Editorial report of the selection of Pōtatau Te Wherowhero as Maori King and the proceedings of the assembly for his conferment.
Report of £1800 contributed to purchase a press from Auckland for Hāre Rēweti [Charles Davis].
Relates that the King will establish laws to quell murder, theft and other crimes, and foster relations with the Queen.
[Letter from the Editor, Te Pura [Buller]]
Address to his Maori friends of Heretaunga who claim the newspaper is not being read because the news is boring and the sweet bits left out.
Address to the people of Wanganui supporting Te Wunu as a translator for the area.
Quotes the word of Solomon regarding the search for knowledge and peace.
Greetings extended to those at Wharekauri and the people of Te Aitanga-a-Tiki who seek the knowledge carried by the newspaper's metaphorical vessel. Concludes with a whakataukī [proverb] regarding humility.
pp.2-4 Letters to the Editor
From Rauhihi, Rangitīkei
Supports the opinion of Rīwai Te Ahu [Vol. 1, No. 35:2] regarding the price of the newspaper in relation to its size.
Reply from the Editor regarding those able to read and write the Maori language as opposed to English. Explains that some Maori are being tutored to use a printing press.
From Hetaraka Rangihawepou, Poronui, Waitōtara
Submits a waiata [song] of support for Te Pura [Buller].
From Hōne and Mānihera Uetapu, of Katere, Pitoone [Petone]
Addressed to Hēnere Te Peni, announcing the death of Poharama of Wanganui. Explains the circumstances of dispute that could lead to unrest at Wanganui involving several named individuals, some leaders of Waikato, Ngāti Maru, Taranaki and Ngāti Ruanui, and refers to the construction of a [fortified stockade] by Tīkaokao and named others at Te Kaweka.
From Tōpi Te Kahuhara, Hōhua (Teacher) and the Council of Ngāti Huia, Poroutawhao
Notice from the council of Ngāti Huia of the decision to retain land in order to quell disagreement within the community over land. Concludes with a scriptural quotation.
From Keepa Toka, Waikawa
Notice that Tame Pewene will run his sheep on the land at Huritini, near Waikawa, for the sum of £29 for two years and £19 per annum thereafter for ten years. Agreed to by Rāniera and Tohutohu.
From Maika, Hurunuiorangi, Wairarapa
Addressed to the Superintendent, Judges and Council regarding reserved lands. Questions whether a Crown Grant will have regard for Maori resources on reserved lands.
Reply from the Editor to seek advice from Hērangi, an adviser about land.
From Pehimana [Hamarama, Chief Judge, Waitōtara]
Submission of a letter from Hetaraka Ōtene Rangiha, Areiaha, discussing the practices of the Governor regarding the instruction of Maori in the ways of civilisation.
Reply from Pehimana Hamarama, Chief Judge, Waitōtara, advising of a meeting convened by himself and named others of Ngā Rauru to discuss legislation and government representation.
Ngāti Pourua supports abandoning the traditional ways of Maori, adhering to the laws of the Queen and God, co-operating with Pakeha and not stealing Pakeha goods.
Reports the speeches of agreement from Pehimana, and several named others.
p.4 Market prices
Current market prices for foodstuffs and produce.