Rāpopoto reo Pākehā
Pukapuka 1, Nama 50

p.1 Terms of subscription and advertising [in English]
From Adam Burnes notice of bank interest rates.
From Tīpene, ploughs for sale.
From Tame Tiakena advertising the showing of two stallions.
p.2 The bank
Editorial explaining the purpose of a savings bank, such as to safeguard a person from acts of theft or improvidence with money. Explains how the amount of interest on deposits is amassed. Describes how withdrawals can be made from another branch to avoid having to carry around money.
The news
Bestowal of a knighthood on Te Kerepeti.
Departure from Cape Good Hope for India of Sir George Grey.
Arrival in England of wheat from Wharekauri.
Appointment of Te Retemana [Christopher William Richmond] as Minister of Native Affairs.
Te Hūtana transfers from Heretaunga to Pēwhairangi [Bay of Islands] for health reasons.
pp.2-3 The laws of England
Continued from Vol. 1, No. 49:2-3, regarding the differences between God's law and civil law and their application.
Definitions of and penalties for assault, murder, breech of agreement, adultery, bigamy, and blasphemy.
pp.3-4 Letters to the Editor
From Tāmati Wiremu Ūpō Haepaia, Taranaki, Maungakiripoa
Addressed to Manahi Taurua and Hēnere Te Waiatua, explaining that the reason for Pakeha prosperity and well-being is the strength of the law to protect and preserve life. Lists members of the assembly at Haurapari who elected to support the law of the Government and God.
From Hoani Mete, Wanganui
Expresses appreciation for the plough and cattle.
From Roiri Te Rangi, Tupuangi, Wharekauri
Requests opinions from other regions of the country regarding a Maori king.
From Pehimana Hamarama (Maori Assessor), Pakaraka, Waitōtara
Supports the Pakeha habit of eating heated wild pork.
p.4 [Notices]
Names and descriptions of deserters from the ship, Rōpata Maara.
From Wātikini [Watkins] offering ploughs for sale.
From the Editor advising that letters from Wārena Māhuri, Manawatū, and Maika Pūrākau will not be published.