Rāpopoto reo Pākehā
Pukapuka 1, Nama 52

p.1 Terms of subscription and advertising [in English]
From Adam Burnes, notice of bank interest rates.
From Wātikini [Watkins] offering ploughs for sale.
From Tame Tiakena advertising the showing of two stallions.
p.2 Accruing interest
Editorial explanation of how interest is accrued by money deposited in a savings account, and the effects of time payment.
News from overseas
The people of Melbourne contribute £25,000 towards widows and orphans from fighting in India.
Parone Rotohaira [Baron Rothschild?] represents Jewish people in Britain's parliament.
King of Jordan gives up his crown.
Queen Victoria returns from visiting the King of France.
Queen Victoria visits her daughter who was betrothed to Prince Frederick William.
pp.2-3 Letter to Te Karere o Poneke
From Hoani Meihana Te Pōhoi, Puketōtara, Manawatū
Praises those who use the newspaper to condemn ancestral practices and determines that there is no need for such customs because the people now abide by the Scriptures, government and the laws of England.
Explains that sin transpired because the ancestor, Adam, was deceived by Satan, the king of the world of darkness and the sovereign leader of Te Rēinga [the Maori netherworld]. Pronounces that when God saw the state of the world he sent Jesus in the likeness of man to spread the word of God.
Attributes the spread of Christianity to the benevolent attitudes of King George and Queen Victoria who understood that Christianity would emancipate the world from evil.
Explains the introduction and acceptance of Christianity in New Zealand as a continuation of this process so that Maori might emerge from the evil of Satan.
pp.3-4 The laws of England
Continued from Vol. 1, No. 50:2-3, regarding the differences between God's law and civil law and their application.
Definitions of the role of the Queen and the Governor.
p.4 Letter to the Editor
From Rioterepi, Wherekopa
Endorses those who adhere to Christianity and the Government.
Includes a farewell to Rauru.
Taming a horse
Reports the lectures by Te Kamerona at the Royal Lyceum Theatre about the methods employed by Rerei to break horses.
Advises about lessons available to the public and the cost.
Names and descriptions of deserters from the ship, Rōpata Maara.
From Te Hērangi concerning his missing horse.
Market prices remain the same.