Rāpopoto reo Pākehā
Pukapuka 1, Nama 53

p.1 Terms of subscription and advertising [in English]
From Adam Burnes, notice of bank interest rates.
From Wātikini [Watkins] offering ploughs for sale.
From Tame Tiakena advertising the showing of two stallions.
p.2 The work of Reiri
Editorial regarding the vanishing vocation of horsebreaking as carried out by Reiri. Informs that a trainee will be taught only upon payment of £5 5s, but recommends the trade as a worthy occupation.
Publishes the agreement by Rōpata Kamerona [Robert Cameron] of Kaiwharawhara to teach horsebreaking for £5 5s, and announces a £500 compensation if the horse is not broken in.
pp.2-3 Letters to the Editor
From Kereopa Wharepōuri, Pōneke
Reports the success of his training by Te Kamerona and offers to break in horses for £3.
From Te Naera Te Angiangi, Waikawa
Complaint about the difference between the actual market price for pork offered by Te Rakiwhata [Luxford] and the price advertised through the newspaper, which Luxford denies authorising. Accuses Luxford, and his kind, of defrauding Maori.
Response from the Editor explaining that, upon being accused by Luxford of false advertising, he confronted Luxford and was informed that Naera's pig was of inferior quality. Assures Naera that Luxford would treat Pakeha in the same manner.
From Ngātuere Te Apahi, Wairarapa
Reports on a committee consisting of Rāwiri Kīngi, named others and the writer at Porirua, and submits a waiata [song] by Matiaha Te Aopōuri.
Reports a disagreement over the price offered by the mill for wheat and his assertion to the mill operator that the mill belonged to the local Maori and the mill operator was a liar.
From Ēpiha Tūpoki, Waikanae
Requests the people of Waitōtara to desist from plundering Hēmi Kuka [James Cook?].
From Ria Pūaha, Porirua
Submits a waiata aroha [song of appreciation] as a tribute to Rāwiri Pūaha.
From Naera Te Angiangi, Waikawa
Death notice about Taraipina and Hera, son and wife of Wikiriwhi. Includes a waiata aroha [compassionate song].
From Taimona Pita
Marriage notice concerning Te Rarawa and Arihia.
From Matiaha and Wiremu Kīngi, Tūtepakihirangi, Wairarapa
Notice concerning land that has been surveyed in order to preserve it for future generations.
p.4 Market prices
Current market prices for foodstuffs and produce.
From Mawene, £5 reward for the return of his horse.
From Mikaera Honu, £4 reward for the return of his horse.
From Tame Tiakena [and five named others], supporting the horsebreaking talents of Te Kamerona.
From Te Kamerona, offering horsebreaking lessons.
From Te Hoana, advising Te Kamerona's horsebreaking sessions have ended and he has departed for Wakatu [Nelson].
From Wiremu Hikihona, supporting Te Kamerona's horsebreaking talents.
From Te Hērangi concerning his missing horse.
Names and descriptions of deserters from the ship, Rōpata Maara.
Names and descriptions of escapees, Taniora Rou and Haringitona.