Rāpopoto reo Pākehā
Pukapuka 1, Nama 1

[p.1] [Editorial]
From Hāre Rēweti [Charles Oliver Bond Davis]
Acknowledges the people he met on his journey through Waikato, Rangiaohia, and Mōkau, naming several settlements he visited. Quotes Matthew 10:42 as a salutation. Quotes Matthew 5:48, Philippians 3:13, and Isaiah 11:31 as reasons for his journey to spread the word of God.
Letters of the people
From Hare Rēweti
Acknowledges that correspondents need an instrument with which to voice their views since the termination of Te Waka o te Iwi.
From Wiremu Tāmihana Tarapīpipi and Te Wētini Taiporutu, Mākiri
Advises monetary and spiritual support from Ihumātao for Davis's work.
Response of appreciation from the Editor.
From Rēwiri Tukiata, Pākanae, Hokianga
Advises receipt of Davis's paper. Reports a congregation of 200 people at Pākanae.
From Hōri Te Hauora, Pākanae, Hokianga
Acknowledges support for Davis's work.
From Hēmi Pipiko (Teacher), Pākanae, Hokianga
Acknowledges support for Davis's work.
[pp.2-3] From Tākerei Te Rau, Pānapa Ngāumu, and Te Rēweti, Nimaru, Waikato
Advises receipt of Davis's paper and acknowledges support for Davis's work.
Requests Davis act as a mediator between Hoani Papita and Toma at Rangiaohia.
A land retention notice
From Te Anga Te Huhu, advising his intention to retain a piece of ancestral land at Muriwhenua. Names Te Hira as the resident leader and locates other settlements.
Response from the Editor of approval for the practice of notification.
Te Whetu o te Tau [second editorial]
Metaphorical explanation of the demise of Te Waka o te Iwi.
Metaphorical explanation of the name and purpose of Te Whetu o te Tau with reference to other well-known stars.
The journey of Davis, Whiteley and their Pakeha
Details Davis's journey from Auckland to Taupō aboard the Ngāti Maniapoto ship, Aotearoa. Mentions the entourage with the remains of Ēnoka of Ngāti Pāoa and reports their eulogy. Reports Davis's response and advice to hold to the word of God. Reports the contributions collected for the press from Taupō and Hauraki.
Transcribes four ngeri [chants] performed for the occasion.
Names various ports of call and those Davis met and stayed with.
Reports a meeting with Harepata at Rangiriri and Davis's response. Submits his waiata [song] followed by a prayer
Prints the karanga [ceremonial call] from Paetai, reports various speeches and Davis's responses and waiata [songs].
Reports the various speeches and waiata [songs] from a meeting at Kumukumu regarding the naming ceremony of a grandchild of Wiremu Te Kūmete and Kihi.
Continued in Vol.1, No.2:2.
[p.4] The Church of Christ and its variants
Response to requests to explain the many denominations of Christianity. Uses Corinthians 1:12, 13 and Timothy 6:11 as explanation. Lists 32 different churches.
The Church of Christ and its variants: Chapter 1
Explains that the focus of the Church is to promote the word of Jesus Christ. Gives a sketch of the life of Jesus, his resurrection and the founding of the churches. Continued by Vol.1, No.2:3.
News from afar
The launch of an English steamer.
The killings of Bonaparte.
The exile of the King of India.
Bank swindled of £20,000.
The continuation of the war between China and England.
Death and destruction in Naples.
Population of India 60,000,000.