Rāpopoto reo Pākehā
Pukapuka 1, Nama 2

[p.5] [Letters to the Editor]
From Pāora Paruhi, Kēnana, Maketū
Refers to Romans 8:8 to acknowledge Davis as the helper of orphans, widows and the poor.
Acknowledges receipt of Davis's newspaper and supports the discussions. Provides several quotes from Matthew as encouragement for Davis to continue in his work.
Submits a waiata tangi [lament] as a tribute to Davis.
Response of gratitude from Davis.
From Maihi Parāone Kawiti, Waiōmio, Pēwhairangi
Requests publication of his letter following for response. Notifies his wish to bring to an end the conflicts in the North regarding the authority of the Union Jack.
From Maihi Parāone Kawiti, Pēwhairangi
Notice of the discussions at Kororāreka regarding the raising of the Union Jack at Maiki, with 1379 voting in favour of the action.
From Te Mangumangu (Assessor), Pākanae, Hokianga
Acknowledges and supports Davis's work.
From Wiremu Korokoro [and 2 named others], Whangaruru
Acknowledges and supports Davis's work. Submits a waiata [song].
From Paratene Te Manu
Acknowledges and supports Davis's work. Submits a waiata [song].
[p.6] The journey of Davis, Whiteley and their Pakeha
Continued from Vol.1, No.1:2. Details Davis's journey to Waikato, naming many settlements visited and stayed at. Reports conversations of support between Davis and others.
Reports the discussions at Rangiaohia regarding the unrest between Hoani Papita and Toma and Davis's response to end the dispute.
Continued in Vol.1, No.3:2.
Te Whetu o te Tau [second editorial]
Metaphorical explanation of the purpose of Te Whetu o te Tau.
Explains that whatever the season might be like, the sun rises, the moon shines and the stars twinkle. Concludes with a waiata [song].
[p.7] News from this land
Continued fighting between Wiremu Kīngi and Kirikūmara.
Hoani Papita calls for a meeting.
Waikato opened up and Ngāti Pāoa make a road from Maiapu to Te Kawa.
Contributions for the newspaper are still being made.
Disputes over Waikato land ended.
A waro tahu rino [iron sand deposit?] discovered on the land of Kītahi Te Taniwha of Ngāti Whanaunga.
Pōtatau Te Wherowhero returns to Ngāruawāhia.
Sheep farming
Promotes sheep farming to sell meat and wool.
Maori schools
Report of the opening of a Maori school at Whatawhata.
Maori towns
Report of the progress being made at Ngāruawāhia and Te Kōpua.
Unlawful land sales
Attributes anger and disputes about spurious land sales to Pakeha.
The problem with debt
Uses many adjectives to describe the negative effects of the practice of hire purchase.
The Church of Christ and its variants: Chapters 2 & 3
Continued from Vol.1, No.2:4. Explains that the focus of the Church is to promote the word of Jesus Christ. Offers a sketch of the life of Jesus, his resurrection and quotes from the New Testament. Continued in Vol.1, No.3:3.
[p.8] The lament of David for Saul and Jonathan
A lament [Compare 2 Samuel 1:17-27].