Rāpopoto reo Pākehā
Pukapuka 2, Nama 20

p.217-218 [Advertisement]
From W.H.Binks, advising all Ngāti Kahungunu people living outside the Province of Hawke's Bay of his store in Napier. Sells saddles, boots and other quality goods at very reasonable prices, and invites people to come and inspect his merchandise.
From M.Boylan, advertising his services as a gunsmith.
[English translation included.]
From G.Pākina. Concerning his skills as a coachbuilder, blacksmith and iron-goods worker.
From Nataniora Hākopa. Tobacconist advertising pipes, tobacco, cigars and similar goods. Offers same price for both Maori and Pakeha.
From Nash and Davies. Painters, grainers, sign writers and House decorators.
Advising the forthcoming Native Land Court sitting at Napier, 28 October 1875.
From Rati and Rauniri. Sells beds and many similar goods.
From P.Maruni. Advises that he will buy hay and corn from Maori at good prices. Sells goods at reasonable prices.
p.219 A stallion
From Te M.Hāpimana. Providing the services of the stallion, Ianga Tapiona. Describes the qualities of the horse and explains the fees.
A fine racehorse
From Ārena Mākarini. Providing the services of the stallion, Kingipini.
From Wiremu Piripi, who has opened a billiard saloon.
A stallion
Advertising the stud fees and qualities of the race horse, Karaminuhi. Contains a list of his pedigree.
p.220 The Bank
Underwriters for houses and ships for a small fee. Signed by Rōpata Tapihau, Napier.
From Paranihi Petara. Manufacturer of saddles and other equipment for use with horses.
From Hare Taihi, a tailor.
From Hare Teira. Boot and shoe manufacturer.
Advertising his services as surveyor and civil engineer.
[English translation included.]
For the Royal Mail Coach, Cobb and Co.
[English translation included.]
From H.J.Hiki, Havelock [North]. Boot and shoe manufacturer.
From T.Wiremu, Napier. Boot and shoe manufacturer.
p.221 Death
Ātareta Tītapu, Rotoakiwa, aged 43.
[English translation included.]
Report concerning the Parliamentary debate on the abolition of Provinces.
[English translation included.]
pp.221-222 [Brief news items]
Notice of the next sitting of the Native Land Court at Wairoa, 28 October.
Report of the recent sitting of the Native Land Court at Napier.
Report on the dispute over land in Hawke's Bay between the authorities in the Province and the Hon. H.R. Russell. Comments that the full history of this case will be given in a later issue.
Letter from a reader in Rotorua, commenting on Sir Donald McLean, the Native Minister.
[English translations included.]
pp.222-225 Correspondence
From Hūnia Te Hākeke, Wellington
Asks for the letter to be inserted in both Maori and English. Concerns the surveying of land at Pororangi and elsewhere. Expresses concern that Rēnata Kawepō has wrongly represented the lands as his own and states that the land sale should not have taken place. Contains a list of the landowners who contributed to the survey payment and who have claim to the land, from the Ngāti Apa tribal group.
[English translation included.]
pp.223-225 Answer to a letter from Āperahama Tīpae
From Rēnata Kawepō, Ōmahu
Kawepō disputes Tīpae's claims and states that it was he [Rēnata Kawepō] who actually surveyed the land. Discusses the amount of money paid and to whom. Details his genealogy and the events that took place in order to secure the land, and names the boundary post he himself placed, Whitikaupeka, talks about his cultivations on the lands.
[English translation included.]
pp.225-228 Speech by Karaitiana Takamoana on the Abolition Bill 18 August 1875
Discusses the role of the provincial governments and the central government, stating that the proposed abolition of provinces appears to be a North Island initiative. Comments on Maori representation in Parliament, refers to the four Maori MPs as tame parrots, and states that the mischief-maker in the land is the government as Maori and Pakeha do not live equally as one people. States that if the government only allows Maori four representatives, then the government only represents Pakeha.
[English translation included.]
p.228 [Advertisement]
Advises the stud fees and qualities of the horse.
[Animal pound notices]
From Wiremu Kuruwini, Heretaunga
From Hēnare Taraka, Panitana
From Wiremu Maroni, Te Wairoa
From T.F. Hēra, Pekapeka
Contain descriptions of the animals held at the pounds and states they will be sold if not collected within two weeks.
Advises the stud fees and qualities of the horse.
pp.229-232 [Advertisements]
From Pāteriki Kohikorewe. Saddlemaker and manufacturer of gigs and carts at Taratera [Taradale].
From Hōne Maki Pe. Saddler and leather goods.
From Te Houra. Advertisement for plows, saddles, leather ware and other items for use with horses and carts.
From Takena Mā. A clothing store advertising the best clothes in the Province.
From Tātana. Sells goods such as wine and rum.
From H.Kata. House builder's advertisement for work in the Province of Hawke's Bay.
From H.Wiremu. Sells saddles, iron goods and goods made by carpenters. All goods from England.
From the Kamatira Hotel. Advertisement for hotel accommodation. Lists prices for meals and accommodation.
From E.Ahitana. The proprietor of the Provincial Hotel advertising the alcohol available at his hotel.
From H.Tiiri. Advertisement for tea and sugar.
From Te Pairini. Advertising services as an ironmonger.
From Ropihone and Iriwini. Sell goods such as blankets, clothing, wine and beer.
From The Governor Brown Hotel. Advertising the fine hospitality and accommodation offered by the hotel. Also good stabling for horses.
From Tāmati Mihene. Sells sugar, tea, footwear and other goods.
From Tavistock Store. Advertisement for a merchant selling goods such as clothing, shoes and boots, household goods and general groceries. Also an agent for Te Wananga, the Daily Telegraph and The New Zealand Insurance Company.
[English translation included.]
From Hōne Ropitini. Advertisement from a watch and jewellery maker.
From J.Kirimiri. Advertisement from a clothing store, competitive prices.
From R.Mira. A stock agent. Lists the breeds of rams. Also deals in sheep flocks, and buys sheep for butchering.
From Pene Mete. Advertisement for his services as a house builder and architect.
From N.P.Paranite. Advertising his goods for sale at the best prices in Napier.
Te Wananga office
Explains the location of the newspaper's office, and states that the printer is Hēnare Hira [Henry Hill] and publisher, Hēnare Tōmoana.